Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Summer EP Review - Never Shout Never

Never Shout Never's second studio EP comes out this coming Tuesday. Five of the six songs are currently on his myspace page HERE while the 6th is found live on youtube.

Track List
1. Happy
2. Hummingbird
3. I Just Laugh
4. Simple Enough
5. On The Brightside
6. Losing It

Happy is the first song on the on the album and the one that has been out the longest. This is the one of two songs on the album in which he uses the Ukulele. As the song starts it sounds like a song that you could hear in Hawaii. This song flows perfectly with his voice and the Uke. It is supposed to be a "cute" love song while also being catchy and fun. Warning: Might get stuck in your head. The second track is Hummingbird. Hummingbird was the start of something new for NSN. It was the first song in which a full band was used. The first track is acoustic with a little keyboard thrown in. As the chorus ends, drums come in. This surprised me the first time I heard the song since NSN had never used drums before. I did not like this song very much at first but as the new style grew on me it became one of my favorite songs. The chorus will definitely get stuck in your head. However, this song is a MUST get. I Just Laugh surprised me even more. This is probably as rock as I could imagine NSN being. It begins with a guitar riff never heard before in a NSN song. The chorus is as sing-a-long as it can get. In the videos I've seen of this song Christofer Drew always gets the audience to sing the chorus. I hope NSN continues in the future with this style as it could attract a broader crowd of listeners. Simple Enough is another love song. It has very corny lyrics about falling in love however that is the point of the song. It is a perfect song for his style. There isn't much else to say about the song. I guess it is just "simple enough". The song On The Brightside was a poem Christofer Drew wrote. It flows just like a poem as the only instrument in the song is an acoustic guitar playing a continuous string of notes similar to Hey There Delilah. It is a very short song at only two minutes long, but the message is large. This song just shows Christofer Drew's musical talent. On myspace he did not put on the interpretation of the song, however he left it open for discussion. My view of the song is that if you believe you are a good person and you act like it, you are. The view of someone else on you does not make a difference. The last song on the EP is Losing It. This song is the saddest song on the album. Christofer Drew put up the meaning of this song on myspace. It is about how when he was 16 he lost his virginity to a girl he loved. However, he heard from his friend that she continously cheated on him. This is not a stand out song, but sometimes artists just need to express their events in music form rather to care of what anyone else thinks.

This EP is definitely worth listening to. It may appeal more to teenage girls, but that does not mean that other people won't like it. Christofer Drew is extremely talented and I wish him luck for his future.