Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cover Songs - Rockin Romance Part Three

This is the final section of the "Trilogy" of Rockin Romance.

Summer Girls - Change Of Pace. This song is a cover of L.F.O's one and only hit from 1999. The original peaked at #3 in the top 40 charts. Change of Pace definitely does a great job at covering this song. After the song's little intro, the song immediately comes in with guitar and drums. It is by far more upbeat then the original. The electric guitar and drums definitely transform the song from a pop song with an acoustic guitar to a rock song. They also put in their own singing style of the song, but most of the song is similar to the original. However, the rock definitely improves the song. You can listen to the cover on the Rockin Romance page HERE.

She Will Be Loved - Runner Runner. This song is a cover of Maroon 5's 2004 smash single. When this song came out it was probably one of my favorite songs. My music style has shifted since then, but I still love the original. When I found out one of my favorite bands was covering it, I was psyched. The first time I listened to it I didn't think it was great. However, it has definitely grown on me. Similar to most of these covers, the song is more upbeat. The song is carried by drums and acoustic guitar in the verses. The chorus is carried by electric guitar and more drums. Runner Runner also does an amazing job on changing the style to more of a rock feel. This song is a definite must listen. You can check it out on the Rockin Romance page.

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