Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cover Songs - Rap Edition

As said in the title, today I'll post about covers of two extremely well known rap songs.

The first I will mention is Live Your Life by The Shoreline. I absolutely hated the original. Thought it was one of the worst songs on the radio. However, The Shoreline does an excellent punk cover of it. The first improvement is that they actually sing the opening. The second improvement happens as soon as the first chorus, with guitar in the background and the words actually being easy to understand. *cough Rihanna* They also put good buildups into the chorus to make it much more effective. Another improvement is shown when the band actually tries to sing the rap. Also, they put an extremely excellent build up to Rihanna's part, which they improve drastically. This is definitely a great cover to check out. Check it out on their myspace HERE.

The second is The Way I Are by Phantom of the Cineplex. They have done several other covers as well. This is my favorite. They're an electrorock band. The song starts similar to the original until big guitars come in. The verses aren't great. Too similar to the original for my taste. I might even like the original better. However, they totally destroy the original chorus. In a good way. For the first time I can actually understand all the lyrics. That along with the guitar makes the song great. I did not necessarily dislike the original, but PotC definitely added things to make it better without making anything worse. They have probably 10-15 songs up for free download on their purevolume page HERE.

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