Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Little Faster Album Review - There For Tomorrow

This was probably my most awaited album of the year. I've LOVED TFT since the moment I heard them. I saw them in concert with Anberlin and Scary Kids Scaring Kids and they were amazing. Additionally, me and my friends got to meet the band and got signatures and pictures with Maika. So what album better to write my first full length review for? You can check out TFT on myspace HERE Also, the full album is on purevolume HERE.

Track List:
1. The Remedy
2. A Little Faster
3. Wish You Away
4. Backbone
5. Deathbed
6. Just In Time
7. Stories.
8. I Can't Decide
9. Sore Winner
10. Burn The Night Away
11. The World Calling

The Remedy was the second song from the album released on myspace. There was also a preview of it in their album trailer. The opening of the song is absolutely perfect. The guitar totally symbolizes the beginning of the song. It gets everyone excited for the rest of the amazing album. This song is very similar to the style of the music from their first EP. It's exciting and a great crowd exciter. The second song, A Little Faster, was the first single. The song starts out with guitar, then comes in big with drums. It calms down a bit at the verse, but starts rocking out when the chorus comes in. The lyrics in the chorus are super catchy and flow perfectly. "Show me what you're after just a little faster." This was a great first single off the album. Wish You Away is much different than their first album. It is lighter than usual for TFT. The verses don't seem to flow very well. However, the chorus makes the song better. The bridge is also probably the most put together part of the song. This song is definitely more filler and an average song. However, average for TFT is still good for many other bands. The next song on the album, Backbone definitely isn't average. It is probably one of the best songs on the album. It immediately starts out rocking and doesn't stop throughout the entire song. The lyrics in the chorus are extremely harsh, asking "Where is your backbone, Cause you're looking very flimsy I'm breaking down your paper wall." This song is their third song from the album put on myspace and is a very good choice. Additionally, this song was voted as one of the songs they will play on warped tour this year. The fifth track on the album is Deathbed. This song also is slower than most of their older stuff. Similar to Wish You Away, the verses don't flow extremely well while the chorus does. Another average filler song. Just In Time is another new style for them. The song builds up intensity as the song goes on. The beginning is just a soft guitar and some background noises. Halfway through the first verse soft drum beats come in. The chorus continues the same way. The second verse starts with a continous drum rhythm. Halfway through the second verse, the guitar comes in instead of the background noises. As the chorus comes around the second time the song starts rocking out. It then calms down gradually, until the second line of the chorus when it starts rocking out again. This is definitely a good song from the album. Stories is similar style to Remember When from the EP. It still rocks, just lighter than some of their other songs. The chorus flows extremely well and the verses aren't bad. As I've mentioned several times before, most of us are spoiled from TFT being so amazing that even their good songs seem to be average. This song is definitely another must listen. I Can't Decide is TFT's first ever real acoustic song. And they do amazingly. This song has definitely gotten better the more I've listened to it. It just shows that you can't trust what you think of a song from the first listen. The lyrics are also excellent. They may be dark, but it goes perfectly with the feel of the song. During the bridge, the song starts rocking out again. It compliments the acoustic part perfectly by building up the intensity and making it have an epic feel. This song shows that TFT can do almost any style. The song leads up to probably the biggest rock song they have on the album. Sore Winner is another angry song that goes together amazingly. This is definitely in the top 5 songs on the album. The guitar and drums go amazingly and Maika's vocals as usual are superb. Burn The Night Away is another acoustic song. This song is definitely filler material and is not very impressive. It is just another slow song with fairly good lyrics that leads up to the big finale. The World Calling is a perfect ending, ending just how The Remedy began. The guitar goes out during the first half of the bridge then comes back in loud and in your face. A good album starts the album with a bang and ends with a bang, and TFT executes this pefectly.

There For Tomorrow is one of the best young bands out there, proven by the Best New Artist award they won at the Woodies this past year. This is a very very good album, however my expectations were extremely high from the pages EP. It makes it hard to give it an unbiased opinion. However, it is definitely worth buying.

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