Saturday, June 27, 2009

Catch Me If You Can Album Review - Beyond Hope Lies

Already did a preview of them in the interview post. Check it out there and post your questions for them. *Edit 11:29 PM It's not looking like the interview is going to happen. They still haven't gotten back to me. Oh well. I'm still trying to find bands to do it. If you have connections tell me! :)*

Track List
1. Great Fall
2. Catch Me If You Can
3. Void
4. Letters To John
5. Beautiful Nightmare
6. Futures Unfold
7. Music Vs. Knowledge

Great Fall starts out with guitar and a great buildup to the first verse. This is one of their more punk sounding songs. There's not too much to say about this song, other than great guitar and solo during the bridge. The lyrics are also pretty impressive, even if they are pretty dark.. Catch Me If You Can is the title track and also my favorite. It's a more pop sounding song with really great lyrics. The chorus is what got me into the song. It's easy to imagine the audience screaming "Catch Me If You Can" which is exactly what the lyrics say. Any song that can make a person visualize what is going on is a truely great song. A must buy. Void is not as poppy as Catch Me If You Can but not as punk as Great Fall. However, there is still good guitar after the verses. The lyrics are again pretty dark, but so are most of these songs. Also there is a little bit of screaming in the verses, but the bridge is all screaming. Another pretty good song. Letters to John has call and response lyrics and guitar during the verses. Lyrics stay with the darker theme, however the chorus flows well. There's a guitar solo during the bridge, and the final chorus ends by repeating without any instrumentation. Beautiful Nightmare is another more punk song. During the verses and chorus there is barely any break between lyrics. The song just keeps going and doesn't stop. That's not a bad thing. It shows the musical skills that the band can do continuously without taking many breaths. There's a tiny bit of what sounds like Autotune in the bridge, but it just brings out the lyrics. Futures Unfold is another poppier song. The guitar doesn't break down until the chorus, but it comes in pretty hard. It's another dark song with a really good chorus. "Apalled by your fascist inhibition, stand tall, write this life in your own words, make time, understand your disposition, with this line, I am writing my last verse." I have not listened to this one as much as the others, but as far as I've heard it sounds pretty great. It ends on a fadeout. The final song, Knowledge Vs. Music, is more hardcore than the other songs. There's more screaming than most of the other songs and more variety in music then the other ones. The song talks about the battle between creativity and knowledge, and definitely expresses this point in a vicious song. There's also what sounds like a keyboard solo after the bridge. Another song that you should definitely check out.

You can listen to all this music through the links on the intro post a few posts below this.

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