Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Band Suggestion - Girls Get All The Action

What better way to start this blog then to feature a band with some of the nicest dudes I know. Girls Get All The Action are just one of the great bands from Northern VA. They talk to all their fans and are definitely in the business for the fun. They just released their first EP - White Lights just a couple of weeks ago.

Itunes happens to classify their music as electronica. However, it definitely has some hip-hop and rock influences. The drums are influenced by hip-hop and rap beats. To be honest, it's hard to even describe. I can not even think of a band to compare them to. There are some slower songs that have more of an epic feel such as Dream and The Future's Ours, along with some more upbeat club songs such as Behind The Sheets and Liars Turn Me On. They also did a cover of the Lady Gaga song Poker Face. During their recording of Poker Face, they went on Stickam to show the public the recording process. It definitely was something new for me, since I had no clue how bands recorded their music. They add their own twist to the song. Definitely gives it a rock feel and they change the way the lyrics flow. I prefer it over the original.

I would definitely give these guys a listen. Their myspace page is

Jason from GGATA has given me permission to put one song up for free download. Download Liars Turn Me On for free HERE.

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