Friday, June 19, 2009

Covers - Taylor Swift Edition

Sorry about the delay of posting, been busy today. Hoping to get another article up tonight, but for now I'll stick with a cover song post.

I happen to have three covers of Taylor Swift's Love Story. They each are different, so I thought I'd discuss them.

The first one I have is by the Right Coast. This is probably my favorite out of the three. This one is more rock then the other two. They also make changes by making the song from Romeo's point of view. They change lyrics from "You were Romeo" to "I was Romeo" and from "I said Romeo take me" to "You said Romeo take me". This and the more upbeat rock style makes it symbolize more of the guy's point of view. You can check it out HERE

The second one I have is by Goodnight Crisis. This version starts with an electric feel, but it adds some screaming. The screaming takes place during the pickup to the chorus and an extended part during the bridge. The bridge also adds a hardcore feel to the song. Another quality of this version is that the lyrics are not changed. It is a bit odd to hear the male voice say some of Taylor Swift's lyrics, but at the same time it adds some humor to the song. You can look up Goodnight Crisis HERE

The final cover of Love Story is by the most well known band of the three, Forever The Sickest Kids. This version is the most electric of them all, constantly using synthesizers for voice and beats. It adds a semi techno feel to the song. This version also has the lyrics changed, but in a different way. It makes the song originally as if Taylor Swift was a guy. It does change the story somewhat to make a little less sense, but it still works. You can check FTSK out HERE.

Which one do you like the most? Comment and tell us!

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