Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cover Songs - Punk Goes Pop 2 Part 6

Last one. Finally. Back to regular cover song posts tomorrow. Listen to Punk Goes Pop 2 HERE.

Escape The Fate - Smooth. This is a cover of Santana and Rob Thomas's massive 1999 hit song. The song is similar to the original, however there are still stylistic changes. Escape The Fate plays the role of Santana well while making it more hardcore. The vocals are more gruff then Rob Thomas, contributing to the hardcore style of the song. They did extremely well with the solo in the bridge. Escape the Fate tried to recreate the original song and did well. However, there are not enough changes to make it an amazing cover. However, it is still a very very good song.

A Static Lullaby - Toxic. Yes, this album has two Britney Covers. It's not their fault they are HILARIOUS. Anyone who sings Britney Spears screamo is going to get famous. It's just too funny not to be. The hook sounds like it is chanted along with guitar instead of mechanized. The second half of the verses and parts of the chorus are screamo. A Static Lullaby goes surprisingly high pitched during the chorus but it works well. However, it does seem they are trying to mimic Spears there. I can not think of another way they can do it, and it works well, so why fix what isn't broken? The bridge is made pretty hardcore and gives it more of a "toxic" feel. It's a good cover, not my favorite, but still great.

Mayday Parade - When I Grow Up. This is a cover of the Pussycat Dolls 2008 hit song. Again, this is a funny cover. It's another of those songs which sounds hilarious if a guy sings. Mayday Parade changed the song's style perfectly. They make the verses less pop and the chorus full out rock. They also add a bit more singing to the chorus as the original was more monotonous. The also give the bridge much more of a rock feel. This was another cover which I was really looking forward to. This one however met my expectations. Maybe not as good as I expected, but still pretty darn awesome.

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