Thursday, June 18, 2009

Artist Suggestion - Amely

Amely is a four piece Alternative Rock/Pop band from Orlando, Florida. They are a fairly new band, only putting their first song on myspace a couple of months ago. However, they already have almost 430 thousand listens on myspace. An easy band to compare them to is another Floridian band, There For Tomorrow. They have similar musical styles although Amely is poppier. One quality that stands out about this band is the artist's huge musical range. Compare the beginning of I'd Rather Be Alone to the chorus. From just listening to those two parts you can see the musical talent of the lead singer, Petie.

Their first song that they released was I'd Rather Be Alone. The beginning of the song definitely has some similarities to Anberlin. When I first heard the band, that was who I compared them too. However, if you listen further through the song you can see the bands are totally different. The chorus can get in your head easily. This is definitely a standout song by them.

Their second song is On My Own. This song especially shows the singer's incredible vocal range as he stays in the high end for most of the song. A very good second release.

Their third song is a cover of Miley Cyrus's The Climb. I'll admit it now, I really dislike those Disney artists. However, Amely BLOWS the original away. They totally give it a new feel. This is one song I can listen to over and over. I understand they may be ridiculed for covering this song, but sometimes good artists need to cover terrible songs in order to make them passable.

Their fourth song and mostly recently released is Have You Ever Known. This song was just released two or three days ago when they hit 20000 friends on myspace. This song is a total style shift from the last three songs. The biggest difference is that the song is in 3/4 time. I can even see this song being a slowdance song at a party. The final chorus again shows of the extreme range of the vocalist as he goes probably higher up in his range than in any other song. I have not listened to it too much but it definitely is a great song that will probably be on my playlist for a while.

Overall, Amely is a great band for fans of poppier rock. Additionally, they are really nice guys that answer almost every comment left for them on myspace. I know this because I've had several conversations with them. I'm additionally trying to organize an interview, so if you have any questions for them post them in the comments. Also, you can go visit their myspace HERE.

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