Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cover Songs - Punk Goes Pop Part 4

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Chiodos - Flagpole Sitta. This was the one song on the album in which I did not know the original. I was surprised how similar they sounded though. Craig Owens voice has his usual touch to it that makes it sound different than the original. It doesn't seem to flow as well, but it makes up for it by making it rock more. The guitar definitely is a lot more hardcore. Craig Owens shows off his amazing vocal range during the bridge. The third voice goes all out with hardcore guitar and screaming as it brings about the Chiodos style. It's definitely a good cover, although not my favorite.

A Day To Remember - Over My Head. Absolutely PERFECT. Best cover on the album. The pace is picked up right from the beginning, and the drums and guitar fit perfectly with the song. They rock out during the chorus and during the second verse they add a perfect amount of screaming. The first part of the bridge is all screaming. ADTR's vocals fit perfectly with the song. There isn't too much more to add. This is my favorite cover and in my opinion by far the best. That's saying a lot due to the fact that there's a bunch of other really really good covers.

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