Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I decided to try out a new section. In this section I'm going to do reviews of individual songs that I have been listening to lately. The songs can be unrelated and of different genre or similar. Please leave input if you want me to continue this or just work on individual artists.

The Scene Aesthetic - Come What May. The Scene Aesthetic is a two part acoustic band. This song is their first song off their upcoming EP A Type & A Shadow. I had listened to some of their stuff in the past and was not impressed. But this song immediately caught on to me. TSA uses both members of the bands as singers while alternating to make it similar to a call and response. The verses are using the call and response with acoustic guitar in the background. However, the chorus made it stand out. The lyrics flow perfectly and light drum beats are added to make it similar to clapping. The last chorus adds a drumset in to add a little bit of intensity. It works. Perfectly. Usually songs like this don't stand out to me, but something about it definitely made it special. Tell me what you think. Listen to the song on their myspace page HERE.

New Years Day - Ready Aim Misfire. This song is older than anything else posted on this blog so far and the band has also broke up. This is a female led pop-punk band. No, I am not going to compare them to Paramore. They are nothing like them. The song begins with guitar as the singer comes with perfectly flowing lyrics. The thing that makes this song so great is the chorus. It has some of my favorite lyrics right now. "Shoot My Shoot my cupid out of the sky Break off his wings, and gouge out his eyes And thank him for nothing, 'cause that's all that he gave to me Your love is my heart disease." I would definitely suggest checking the song out. You can download it for FREE right on their purevolume page HERE.

LoveHateHero - Echoes. I thought I might want to put more of a hardcore song on here for once. LoveHateHero is a hardcore/screamo band. This is the first song off their upcoming album. The song begins with two men talking. One of them keeps saying "I hurt myself. I killed myself." As After the intro the song bursts out with huge guitar. The guitar is consistently amazing throughout the song. Although they are a screamo band, most of the song is sung. The screaming takes place at the end of the choruses and the bridge. This definitely is a song for any hardcore fan. Listen to the song and LoveHateHero HERE.

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