Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cover Songs - Punk Goes Pop 2 Part 3

Same thing as usual. Check out Punk Goes Pop 2 HERE.

There For Tomorrow - Ice Box. This is a cover of an old Omarion hit song from 2007. There For Tomorrow recreates the song for their own style superbly. They play the beat throughout in guitar giving it the rock feel not in the original. The drums come on to give it the R&B feel from the original. The second verse gives it more of a rock feel and the second chorus starts rocking out. Maika's voice fits perfectly in the song. I was never a fan of Omarion's voice or this song, however TFT made it enjoyable.

The Cab - Disturbia. This song is a cover of Rihanna's enormous hit from 2008. However, this cover was such a huge letdown to me. This was the one I was most looking forward to hear. However, it's my least favorite. The Cab doesn't sound like themselves and although they create a rock style for the song, they lose their own image. The cover is basically the original with drums and guitar and the vocals are pretty terrible. Their voices are squeaky throughout the entire thing. This was by far the worst cover on the whole album. I still love The Cab, but not all bands can cover every song well.

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