Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Releases

Every Tuesday, most new music is released. I will list some of the new things that come out that would fit on this blog. If someone is interested in me doing a full review of one of the albums, please comment.

The Cab - The Lady Luck EP. I already did a review of this.

Never Shout Never - The Summer EP. I also did a review of this.

Hit The Lights - Coast To Coast EP. Hit The Lights are a pop-punk band that I would definitely check out. I saw them at the AP tour and they did great. This might be reviewed soon.

The Higher - It's Only Natural. I have a bunch of friends that like The Higher, so I decided to check out the album. I was pleasantly surprised. The Higher is a pop band with influences from R&B.


  1. Disappointed with The Higher album, then again I didn't really have any expectation. Haven't checked out the NSN EP, but The Cab and Hit the Lights have been awesome.


  2. Nice input. I know put a bad review for The Higher album, but I've personally liked some of the stuff I've listened to.

    And congrats on being my first comment.