Monday, June 29, 2009

Cover Songs - Punk Goes Pop Part 5

One more part to go. Then back to normally scheduled cover songs. Listen HERE

Silverstein - Apologize. This cover of One Republic's 2008 huge hit song was the first one released on the Punk Goes Pop 2's myspace. It starts similarly to the original until the guitar in the background comes in the middle of the first verse and then breaks down for the chorus. The bridge is all screaming. Silverstein has done a very good job on this cover. The first and best improvement is no weird noises from Timbaland in the background. Also, the extra guitar definitely transforms the song into a normal Silverstein song. This is another cover that should definitely be downloaded.

Breathe Carolina - See You Again. First of all, claps to Breathe Carolina for covering an absolutely terrible song and improving it. Of course, that does not mean they made it a very good song. The verses are extremely boring and are nothing special. The second verse at least adds some extra screaming to it to add another dimension to the song. The chorus changes the melody somewhat to at least have some changes to the song. This is not a very good cover or song, but at least it's better than the original.

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