Friday, June 19, 2009

The Lady Luck EP Review - The Cab

The Cab is releasing their new EP on Tuesday. However, they have already put it on purevolume.
Track List:
1. Take My Hand (Remix) Featuring Cassadee Pope
2. I Am Who I Am
3. Diamonds Are Forever
4. I'll Run (Strings)
5. I Want To Break Free (Queen)
6. Lights

It looks like they are releasing a video for the Take My Hand Remix. It is definitely better than the original. It's much more upbeat, and Cassadee adds a whole new dimension to the song. Definitely a must-listen. I Am Who I Am is probably my second favorite song on the album. It has a really jazzy feel similar to a few of their other songs. The first thing that I thought when I heard this song was how it related to the album name. When I think of "Lady Luck" I think of a Vegas casino, and I can see the music video for this song being shot there. There's also a rap bridge, which isn't my style but it definitely makes the song interesting. Another must listen. Diamonds Are Forever starts out with an electric beginning but then comes in with guitars. Something new for a Cab song is a solo after the second chorus. A new style for them. Also it seems like the chorus is definitely a sing-a-long. I'm curious to see videos of them performing it. Next is an acoustic version of I'll run. It's slower and with an orchestral arrangement. I'm not a huge fan, but sometimes slower songs are good depending on your mood. Next is a cover of Queen's "I Want To Break Free." They definitely adapt it to their own style even though it is different than something they would do. It's not my favorite track, but I can see it growing on me. Last song is Lights. It definitely sounds like Zzzzz from their full length album. Starts out without guitar, but during the verses it bursts in with some pretty good riffs. It's overall more of a piano led song.

I definitely recommend checking out this album. The Cab have combined Jazz and Powerpop in order to create...The Cab.

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