Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Playlist - July Singles Part 3

Today is the new Breathe Carolina single along with the new Mayday Parade song.

The title track of the new Breathe Carolina CD, Hello Fascination, is much different than songs such as Birds and the Bees, Diamonds, and the cover of See You Again. There's definitely more guitar than I am used to in a BC track. It begins off sounding like a hardcore song and goes back into hardcore mode at several points during the song. I also have to admit that their vocals in the song sound similarly to The Used. I'll probably get shunned from the music world for that comment, but oh well. BC seems like they are trying to separate themselves from the other "shunned" bands of the crunkcore world. Fearless is definitely doing a good job with BC. I prefer Welcome to Savannah over this song, but it's still good. Listen to BC on myspace HERE. The album comes out on September 16th.

I'll admit I was scared when I first listened to Anywhere But Here by Mayday Parade, and I still am about the album. I'm afraid that without the duel vocals they won't sound as great. I still like the new song, it's just different. This song actually isn't their first single; just the first song they are releasing. It seems a bit more rock from songs such as Jamie All Over and When I Get Home You're So Dead, but it's still good. It just doesn't seem like Mayday Parade. That is exactly what I'm afraid of. I'm not a fan of end of the chorus. It just seems to end way too suddenly. I think they should have added one more phrase at the end. I can see me listening to this song a bunch of times but never really getting into it. I love Mayday Parade and I would hate for them to become just another band. Listen to Mayday Parade on myspace HERE. The album drops October 6th.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Playlist - July Singles Part 2

Today I will talk about Faber Drive and Panic! At The Disco. Tomorrow is Breathe Carolina and Mayday Parade.

Faber Drive's new single, G-Get Up And Dance, is a huge shock to anyone who has heard them before. This song sounds nothing like any of their past stuff. Their past stuff was good pop-rock, however this new song is an extremely catchy dance song. None of their songs had any synthesizers before while this one is covered with them. There seems to be autotune sprinkled in once in a while, but it adds to the style of the song. The chorus alone is more catchy than any Faber Drive song in the past. This song could easily be a top 40 hit. It probably won't in the US, however in Canada I can see it happening easily. It's amazing how bands can change themselves. This makes me extremely curious to hear the CD. I wonder if more songs will be like this. Listen to Faber HERE.

Panic! At The Disco is releasing their first single, New Perspective, since the controversial split of the band. Two of the members, including *Edit* Lead Guitarist Ryan Ross left the band to start their own project. Brendon Urie re-added the exclamation point to the name and released this new single. I'm actually a real fan of it. I was really let down by Pretty. Odd. and this is a great return to their old stuff. It is similar to Fever with some traces of P.O. It still keeps the jolly feel as in P.O. while still being good pop-rock songs. Definitely check it out. I wasn't looking forward to the album until this song. Check it out HERE.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Playlist - July Singles Part 1

Farewell and Paramore today, Faber Drive and Panic! later. Any other requests of singles from this month you can post in the comments.

Farewell's new single, Devoid (That's What I Think About It) is a great pop-punk song about the whole image of rock. This song is directed towards bands such as the Millionaires, Brokencyde (whom I don't necessarily hate), and other similar bands. The chorus, which includes lines such as "When did rock and roll become this F***ing fashion show" and "I'll smash the radio devoid of any heart and soul" definitely point to that. Other than the lyrics, Farewell does an amazing job on the song. The verses flow very well similarly to Eighty Eights from their past album. The chorus is also very catchy. The lyrics are definitely what makes this song extremely good. You can listen to it on myspace HERE. The album comes out September 1st.

Paramore's new single, Ignorance, sounds very different than the Paramore from Riot. Ignorance definitely is much more punk and less pop than anything on Riot. This single was definitely influenced by No Doubt. If you listen to Hayley's voice closely in the beginning you can definitely hear hints of Gwen in it. Curiously, they actually went on tour recently. However, the single might have been done beforehand. The song is definitely structured very interestingly. It almost sounds like it has two choruses. When first listening to the song, I thought the bridge actually was the chorus. There's also a repeated part right after the chorus which includes the song name. Old fans of songs such as Misery Business and Crushcrushcrush may not enjoy this single, but it definitely makes me curious about how the album will be. Hopefully there will be some of both worlds. You can listen to the song on their myspace HERE. The album comes out September 29th.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Boys Will Be Boys Lakeforest Acoustic Show Videos

These are from a friend of mine I met at the show. Go check them out!

Our Song - Taylor Swift:

Stop Calling Me:

Make This Count:

Digital Spaces Album Review - Let's Get It

Track List:
1. Duck, Duck, Grey Goose
2. Do Not Disturb (Tell Me How Bad)
3. Shoot for Teams
4. Maps
5. Ciroc & Roll
6. To Catch a Snipe

Duck, Duck, Grey Goose is opened by an orchestral arrangement. Bells then come in from the second half of the introduction to the second half of the first verse. It definitely gives the song a mysterious feel. The guitars finally come in when the bells end before blasting out during the chorus. The mysterious feel continues as synthesizers start in the beginning of the second verse. The verses flow extremely well although they lyrics aren't very clearly understood. The bridge has a pretty good guitar solo as well as cheering that will be a theme throughout the whole album. The end of the song has an introduction to the next. It's definitely a song that can grow on you as you listen. Do Not Disturb was the first song they released when they were signed to Fearless. It begins with some electric noises which fade into the background as the song starts. As the noises fade, the guitar comes in strong. Piano comes in for part of the song. This song along with the first track shows the strengths of Let's Get It. The thing that separates them from other bands is their broad instrumentation. Bands can put any of their own styles into creating a nice rock song. A standout track. The next track, Shoot For Teams, doesn't thrill me. I don't like the beginning at all. I would have preferred at least an introduction instead of going straight in to lyrics. Nothing in the song stands out to me. I really don't have much more to say about it. It's a decent pop-rock song. Maps however definitely helps out the album. The introduction fits perfectly into building emotion into the song. The chorus can easily get stuck in your head. The verses may not be great flowing, but they definitely have plenty of emotion in them. This is much more of a love song than their other songs. They do a great job on this song. A must listen. The next song, Ciroc & Roll, I have already covered. This is what I said before: The song begins with a crowd cheering as guitar gets louder. At the peak of the cresendo the band shouts their name and starts rocking out. The song also ends just about the same way as it starts, just in reverse. This song is much more rock than anything that they have ever done before and I am guessing it has something to do with their recent signing to Fearless. I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of the vocals of the singer, but it's still a good song. Definitely a song to jam out to in the car. The final song, To Catch A Snipe, is totally different than every other song on the album. The first major difference is the time signature. It is 6/8 compared to the usual 4/4 of every other song on the album. Also it begins with piano and drums and there is no guitar until the chorus. It almost sounds like a dark, rocking, waltz. Yes, a bit outside the box, but it works. There is also a small acoustic part in the song. The end sounds like a dark demented circus followed by the applause again. This song again shows the amazing instrumentation of the band. This song hasn't really grown on me yet but the more I listen to it the more I like it.

Let's Get It is definitely not a cookie-cutter band. They have created their own style and have been rewarded for it. Fearless has seen their potential and are definitely helping to accomplish it. You can listen to the whole album on purevolume HERE.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

All Time Low Album Re-Review - Nothing Personal

Here's the 5k article I promised you all. I'm going to use parts of my old review too.
Track List:
1. Weightless
2. Break Your Little Heart
3. Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)
4. Lost In Stereo
5. Stella
6. Sick Little Games
7. Hello, Brooklyn
8. Walls
9. Too Much
10. Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal
11. A Party Song (The Walk of Shame)
12. Therapy

I still think Weightless is the second best ATL song ever. The lyrics are epic and the chorus might be one of the best choruses I have EVER heard. "Maybe it's not my weekend, but it's gonna be my year" is probably the best line of any song I've heard. I got some beef for putting this before but the way I mean it is motivational. It means a lot to me. I'm really upset it's not getting as much publicity as it should, cause I could see this song going #1. This song is perfect. Get it. Now. Break Your Little Heart is another one of my favorites. It begins with the lyrics that show the song title and is extremely catchy and flowing. The chorus is also extremely catchy and has more great lyrics. The lyrics as well as the tune flow perfectly. After I got to listen to this song it instantly became one of the best on the album to me. It just proves that first listens of albums never work well. Damned If I Do Ya is extremely catchy. I was singing the chorus all evening after I came home from the album party. It's actually ATL's first ever top 100 hit. Surprising. This should be Weightless. However it definitely is still one of the best on the album. It may be poppy, but it's good. Sick Little Games is not as upbeat as the other songs, but it is still great. It flows extremely well and still stays catchy even though it's a slow song. Alex Gaskarth shows great vocals during the final chorus as he does part of the chorus with almost no instrumentation. Another highlight. However, Track 9, Too Much, is awful. It started with club beats and just was overall terrible. They said "Too Much" way too much and had the worst lyrics I've heard in an ATL song. "Too much of anything is too much" is when I gave up on the song. I haven't even given this song a second chance. They redeem themselves with A Party Song. This song is probably my favorite after Weightless. All over my vacation I kept singing this song. It's a definite pop-punk anthem. The chanting in the song would definitely be great for crowd participation. This is what All Time Low can do at their best. Therapy is the one ballad on the anthem. I expected there to be another Remembering Sunday. Instead, it isn't even acoustic. It keeps the same style as Remembering Sunday as more instruments come in over time and the song gets heavier. I'm also not particularly fond of the lyrics. "Therapy, you were never a friend to me" aren't the kind of lyrics I see ATL using. It's still good, just a complete letdown.

There is also the Bonus Song Poison, which I might review later if you guys want me to.

This album is much better than I thought it was. This just proves that first listens can not give you a full outlook on something. However, I still don't think it is as good as it was hyped to be. It was expected to be one of the best albums of the year, while I think it's just great. You can listen to ATL on myspace HERE.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys - Acoustic Show Review

Today I went to the Boys Will Be Boys acoustic show and EP preview at Hot Topic. I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoy their music, however I did not expect them to be that great. They actually have very good live voices. Only 10-15 people showed up to see them, but it was definitely a great audience. They began with Make This Count, followed by one new song from their EP called Jaded. I enjoyed it along with their other new songs. After Jaded was a cover of Taylor Swift's Our Song, a second new song, Stop Calling Me, and a third new song. The third new song was a slow song unlike anything they have ever done before. As I said before, all the new songs were great. After the show, everyone in the room got pictures, signatures, and conversations with all the band members. The guys were all really cool and loved meeting everyone. They also played each of the songs recorded over the speakers. The recorded versions sounded just as great as the acoustic ones. I'm planning on going to the EP release show next Sunday at Jammin Java. I can't wait to get the new tracks on my library. Check them out on myspace HERE.
Pictures and videos here:

Friday, July 17, 2009

Questions and Suggestions

I am going to be away this weekend since I am going with my sister to drop her off at camp. So I have decided to make an open thread for you all.

I will answer questions, and I am really interested in seeing what you guys want me to do!

Thanks! And don't forget, get me to 5k!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Platinum EP Review - Settings

Track List:
1. Use You
2. Do It Again
3. Kill The Urge
4. Just A Lie
5. No Mystery

Use You begins with background electronic noises until the guitar comes for four measures. The guitar then backs off as drums come in. The instrumentation continues coming in as more mysterious electronic noises and then the guitar returns. The song continues as a pretty good electric rock song. The lyrics are very sexual, however that does not take away from the song sound. However, if you are looking for lyrics, this is not the song for you. Do It Again was the first song released from the album. It starts with simple synthesizers before drums come in and the noises seem to get more ominous. The guitar comes in during the chorus and there is not much other than that. The chorus will get you singing along. It is another sexual song, but the lyrics are much more catchy than Use You. Definitely one of the best on the album. Kill The Urge is much more rock than Do It Again. It immediately comes in with guitars and continues throughout the entire song. It is definitely a great rocking song. The chorus was one of the best things during their performance at warped because everyone put fingers up counting down while they sung "5, 4, 3 2 1" This is my favorite on the album. Just A Lie begins with a combination of electric and rock. The guitar sounds pretty similar to Kill The Urge throughout the whole thing. The chorus is pretty good, however there isn't a line that stands out. I haven't listened to it enough to grow into it, but it's still a pretty good song that I can see myself liking. No Mystery begins with a low grumbling of guitar and synthesizer. They then come in with lyrics that I do not feel flow well. The best part of the song is definitely the bridge to the chorus. It literally rocks and flows extremely well. However, the chorus doesn't show me the same flow.

This is a fairly good album, however most of the songs sound pretty much the same. They need to work on variety and changing up some of their songs. However, they are unique and that definitely sets things in their favor. You can listen to the whole EP on myspace HERE.

Warped Tour Review

Warped was overall crazy as usual. I don't have too much to go over here but I will put brief summaries and setlists.

I got there late at about 11:30. A Skylit Drive was playing on the Smartpunk stage. I saw them do Eva The Carrier and Wires and the Concept of Breathing. I'm surprised on how good they were. I didn't think his voice would work as well live. But they were amazing. The next band I saw was Mercy Mercedes. That was a very impressive performance. They had plenty of people watching and made it a good show. They played their entire EP minus Revolution (my favorite song by them). After that I watched A Rocket To The Moon. I've seen them before and it was extremely similar to the first time. However I did not like their new song at all. I sure hope the recorded version is much better than how I heard it. Breathe Carolina was next. I was pretty shocked on how great the screamer was. It sounded exactly like the recordings. It might have been the recordings, but let's not assume that. He's good. Hit The Lights was the next band I saw that I had already seen. They played a bunch of their album songs, Back Breaker, and Body Bag. I was still disappointed they didn't play Don't Wait. From what I saw they put on a crazy show as usual. They made fun of the Millionaires who played right before them. Always adds intensity. I then watched 15 minutes of VersaEmerge before one of my most awaited performances of the night. The White Tie Affair was AMAZING. There were some girls that were making legit mosh pits during their songs. They played Take It Home, Scene Change, If I Fall, Allow Me To Introduce Myself Mr Right, The Letdown, A Cover of Just Dance, and Candle. From there I saw Settings who played Keep Me Safe, Kill The Urge, Use You, Do It Again, Creatures, and one other song I missed. The band I wanted to see the most, There For Tomorrow, was playing after Jeffree Star. I went down as it was finishing up to get a good spot. I ended right at the baricade right in front of the drum set. And it was SO worth it. Cassadee Pope and the rest of Hey Monday were back stage with TFT the whole time. Hey Monday announced that they would be at a fall tour on monday night but would not say who they were going to perform with. TFT also said they were going on a fall tour (very fishy, but I sure hope so). TFT played No More Room To Breathe, A Little Faster, Deadlines, Backbone, The Remedy, and Pages. The whole band is absolutely amazing and they proved that. I screamed my lungs out so much that I was sore in my throat the next day.

Warped was an amazing experience. I'm already excited for next year.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Let's Make A Mess Tour Summary - Part 2

Up next were the Friday Night Boys. This was also a hometown show for them as they come from Fairfax. They started with Permanent Heartbreak, followed by That's What She Said, Chasing A Rockstar, Suicide Sunday, Molly Makeout, Stuttering, and High School. I had seem them once before, and although they did not put on as good of a show as last time, it was also a much larger venue with many many more people. They also played songs that were not out when I originally heard them. I enjoyed the performance, though I thought they could have done much more.

Finally, Hey Monday came on. They played Obvious, Run Don't Walk, Should've Tried Harder, Candles, Arizona, Josey, Homecoming, 6 Months, and How You Love Me Now. First of all, they totally destroyed everyone else. No one got even close to them performance wise. Cassadee's vocals are amazing and totally got the crowd involved. One of the songs they passed out cups to throw at them. Another they set the audience in half and got us all crazy. The two acoustic performances were amazing. Candles had one acoustic verse while 6 months was entirely acoustic.

The best thing about being at a small venue is that all the bands want to meet you. Every member of each band was out and around meeting people and signing stuff. I got to meet Hey Monday, Stereo Skyline, a couple members of This Providence, and a couple members of The Bigger Lights. I also met two smaller bands that were promoting themselves, OK Corral and The Bride Wore Black. I definitely suggest looking in to them. Also, I got to meet probably one of the nicest band member's I've ever met, Jason from Girls Get All The Action. He was one of the people who inspired me to do this blog and whose band I did the first article of the blog on. Keep reading for more pictures.

Let's Make A Mess Tour Summary - Part 1

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, I'm going to try and use this one to springboard me into many more. All pictures are credited to my friend Dina. She's a great photographer and is planning her own site soon. Once that is up I'll definitely link to there. Until then, leave her some love. I'm deciding to split this into two posts so I can get this half out there. Second half will be done early tomorrow morning. Then warped tour review then back to originally scheduled plans.

I went to Jammin Java to see the Let's Make a Mess tour. It's a very small venue that only fits 180 people. However, that made it a whole lot better. Even though doors opened at 5:30 and the show started at 6, we arrived a little after 3. Everyone was friendly and it was a great time. I definitely am looking forward to more shows there. We got to about the second row in the crowd and all pictures below were shot without zoom.

Stereo Skyline played first. They played their entire EP, plus one new song. They started with Shake and Shout, followed by Fivetens In Harlem, Uptown Get Around, the new song, and Heartbeat. I actually enjoyed the new song and I can't wait til they get it recorded. The only problem with the performance was that the guitars were overdone. It was incredibly hard to hear the vocals. However, they still sounded similar to their recorded version. They aren't the best singers in the world, but they still have plenty of talent.

The Bigger Lights were on second. It was a hometown show so they were cheered like crazy. They began with When Did We Lose Ourselves, followed by what I remember being Apocalypse, Revved and Ready, Closer, and Goldmine Valentine. They performed extremely well and was not a letdown at all.

Up next was This Providence. I don't remember their exact setlist, but I think they started with That Girl's A Trick followed by A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing, Squeaking Wheels and White Lights, Keeping On Without You, Waste Myself, My Beautiful Rescue, and Letdown. Cassadee Pope came on to sing the final chorus of Waste Myself. She did an amazing job and definitely added something to the song. I actually really enjoyed the performance and although I am not huge fans of this band, I'm definitely getting more into them.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Let's Make A Mess/Warped Tour - Twitter

Comment in here to any of the twitters.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Let's Make A Mess Artist Profile - This Providence

Disclaimer: I'll admit I do not know this band nearly as much as any other band I have profiled on the site, but I will do my best on this one.

This Providence is a four piece band from Seattle, Washington. They independently released their first full length album in 2004. They signed with Fueled by Ramen in 2006 and released another full length that year. In Fall 2008, they released an EP as a preview for their new upcoming album. On March 17th, 2009, they released their third full length album, Who Are You Now? This Providence is more alternative than many of the other bands I profile, but they have an edge to them that makes them popular. My friend says that they are "The Kooks gone Emo meets Pop Punk". I'll take her word for it. Usually I don't like songs similar to A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing, but something about it attracts me to it. The verses don't seem to flow the way I usually like, but it just becomes so catchy that not liking it is impossible. Also, it seems many of their songs are entirely different styles. Waste Myself is a love song that is probably my favorite by them. The cute lyrics and catchy rhyming easily draws in listeners. They also show they can do slow acoustic songs. Sand In Your Shoes is another love song written in 6/8 time. It is entirely acoustic and the lead singer shows amazing vocal range during the bridge. He goes higher up on the scale than I have heard him go in any other song. Also, the whole song flows beautifully. Their single from the album, Letdown, is more of a catchy alternative song. The "du du du doo" hook during the verses got me humming it all lunch one day. This Providence definitely seems like an outlier among the Let's Make A Mess bands. However, sometimes differences are needed. This Providence are extremely talented musicians and can definitely go places. I'm just not sure how they will do this though. You can listen to them on myspace HERE.

Let's Make A Mess Artist Profile - Hey Monday

Hey Monday is a five piece powerpop band from West Palm Beach, Florida. They formed in 2007 and were signed within a year to a major label. In 2008 they released their first album, Hold On Tight, on Columbia/Decaydance records. As many female led rock bands are, they are usually compared to Paramore. However, they are not similar at all. Paramore is much more punk while Hey Monday is pretty mainstream. Their first single, Homecoming, almost made it to the top 40 charts. Homecoming begins with bells playing the melody until the guitar takes its place. Cassadee uses amazing vocals along with sing-a-long hooks to draw audiences in. The chorus is extremely catchy and "Homecoming I'm coming" will get stuck in anyone's head. The rock style along with the poppy vocals and melodies lead to fans from widespread audiences. The second single from the album, How You Love Me Now, begins with chanting and goes into Cassadee's vocals. She is an extremely good vocalist. Hayley's voice live is definitely not as good as Cassadee's. I'm taking a guess that the chanting will be done by the audience during the concert. If I'm write I'll be sure to say. Hey Monday also does slower songs. Candles begins with piano in the first verse accompanying Cassadee's absolutely gorgeous vocals. Chimes come in right before the chorus that makes this song absolutely beautiful. The guitar comes in the second verse and gives more of a rock feel to the song. The second chorus goes all out rock and this is definitely one of my favorite songs on the album. 6 Months is entirely acoustic and shows Cassadee's brilliant voice. She is one of the top female rock vocalists right now. Hey Monday is on their first headlining tour only two years after forming, which shows how great a band they are and are becoming. You can listen to them on myspace HERE.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Artist Profile - The Arrival

The Arrival is a 5 piece pop/rock band from Madison, Alabama. They have released one EP, Believe The Hype, and several unreleased songs. They also have one song on the Rockin Romance compilation which I have already reviewed. Additionally they released an acoustic version of Forget About The Forecast on itunes. They have definitely changed their style from the EP to their other songs. Their EP was much more electric than their newer stuff. Is This What You Call Love? is full of synthesizers with the drums in the background. There is very little guitar throughout the whole song. Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is has the synthesizers as the melody but uses more guitar as the beat. The chorus definitely shows their excellent lyrics. Their phrase "Time is money, and I'm gonna spend it all on you" uses figurative language to express the song's meaning. The acoustic version of Forget About The Forecast, released after the EP, showed little change in their electro-rock style. The acoustic guitar went along with synthesizers extremely well. This is one of their best songs. The chorus again shows great lyrics and great meaning. However, all the EP songs had a similar style. Surrounded was their first song that made me go "Wow, this is totally different." It's much slower than all their other songs and begins with guitar and claps. The synthesizers again come in during the first verse and take off during the chorus. The beats definitely give style to the chorus. The bridge combines synthesizers and guitar together in a rock feel. This is probably my favorite song by them and is definitely worth checking out. Their newest song, Turn The Page was just released a couple of days ago. It is much more pop-rock than any of their other songs. The synthesizers are not overly used in the song and there is much more guitar and drums. The whole song is just a total new style for them. The Arrival are excellent musicians and could easily burst out. They've shown that they can do a multitude of styles already. They are heading more towards a popular style and that could definitely increase their listening audience. They are also extremely nice guys that will talk to anyone online. You can listen to them on myspace HERE.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Late Nights and Lovers EP Review - Hello Hollywood

1. Danger Danger
2. Celebutaunt
3. Summer Sweetness
4. So Late So Sorry
5. Kids Undercover
6. If I Could Be

Danger Danger is a song about love at first site. They sing that he's in love with a stranger and even though he doesn't know her, he wants to change and will do anything to be with her. At the end of the song he gets with her and she is perfect for him. The song begins with some great guitar with several riffs during the verses. The vocals don't flow as well as I would like, but they're still good. The chorus will easily get stuck in your head as "Danger Danger I'm in love with a perfect stranger" can get addicting. This is the first song I've heard by them and is definitely one of their best. Celebutaunt is about a girl who is famous for absolutely no reason such as Paris Hilton. She gets obsessed with her fame and the song is about how she doesn't deserve any of it. The style of the song is similar to Danger Danger. Begins with guitar, chorus flows about the same, and has an extremely catchy chorus. The lyrics flow perfectly as in "Celebutaunt, celeb you're not" I have not listened to this song very much but I definitely see it growing on me. Summer Sweetness is about summer love. The verses give great imagery as a listener can picture the scenery. Again, this song is similar to the first two in style. However, there is no real standout lines in the chorus. It is still a good song. So Late So Sorry features Brian Dales of The Summer Set. Brian's voice adds some diversity to the songs. The verses are still similar to the other songs, but definitely closer to it's own style. Another difference in this song is the guitar bridge instead of lyrics. The chorus also doesn't have a standout phrase and this song is definitely more average than the others. Kids Undercover is the first single from the EP. They put up a blog post stating that this song means a lot to them. This song also digresses from the format of their other songs. It begins with a chorus before going into the verses. The whole chorus is catchy and can get you singing it out loud in random places. The bridge has very meaningful lyrics that I am guessing are about the band being almost like a family. The final chorus repeats itself several times before changing style for the final repeat. If I Could Be is a huge digression from their other songs. The tempo is much much slower than the other songs. The flow of the lyrics is still the same as the other songs. The chorus begins with another catchy phrase "If I could If I could be one thing" The bridge comes in with big guitar and what sounds like orchestral instruments in the background. The final chorus begins with raw lyrics and acoustic guitar, but then surges back into big rock. This is another of their standout songs and shows that they can diversify their music.

Hello Hollywood is definitely a band on the rise. They still need to work on diversifying their music. If they accomplish that, they could easily surge in popularity. I would suggest working on a new acoustic song. That would be a great start in a new direction. You can listen to Hello Hollywood on myspace HERE and the WHOLE ALBUM on purevolume HERE.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Let's Make A Mess Artist Profile - The Friday Night Boys

FNB Personalized Picture Contest

The Friday Night Boys are a 4 piece pop/punk band from Fairfax, Virginia. They originally released an independently released EP named The Sketch Process in early 2008. They were signed to Fueled By Ramen in August and released the That's What She Said EP in October. They recently released their first full length album, Off The Deep End, last month. Similarly to Stereo Skyline, they draw in their audience through corny lyrics and catchy hooks. That's What She Said instantly draws listeners in because of the name. Once they listen to it they can not get the chorus out of their head. The song begins with techno beats that soon turn to guitar. High School talks about high school behavior and how things do not change very much afterwards. Celebrity Life talks about how being a celebrity is more difficult than it is expected and it also can corrupt a person. You Do, You Don't is a very different song for them. It is led by piano and is much slower than any of their other songs. Molly Makeout was one of their older songs that was not on either of the EP's that they remastered for the full length. It was originally mostly acoustic. The remastered version is a total revamp of the song. The vocals are better, the guitar is more towards their style, and it is in general a much more fun song. Also, Alex Gaskarth has a few segments of guest vocals. Stuttering is the first single off the new album and was a great choice. On several of the lyrics they "stutter" the lyrics to go with the name of the song. That stylistic decision was a great way to work towards the song's meaning. Some of their other good songs are Permanent Heartbreak, Give It Up, and the slower Finding Me Out. The Friday Night Boys are definitely emerging into a prominent band in their genre. They've been on tour with All Time Low already and now are with Hey Monday. You can check them out on myspace HERE.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Let's Make A Mess Artist Profile - Stereo Skyline

This is part two of the Let's Make A Mess Tour artist profiles.

Stereo Skyline is a three piece powerpop band from Long Island, New York. They are a fairly new band with only one four song EP released. However, they already have 17 million views on myspace. Their top song, Heartbeat, already has 9 million views. How did they become this popular? Well first of all, teenage girls find them attractive. I'll be honest when I say that I told a friend she'd find them attractive. And she did. Also, their music is directed at that same audience. Their catchy hooks and corny lyrics get their listeners coming back for more. In Heartbeat, the "baby keep your heart b-b-b-b-beating" will almost assuredly get a listener's head. In Uptown Get Around, the "I'll be thinking that maybe baby, I've been goin a little crazy lately" line will be another line impossible to get of your head. Most of their songs are similar styled, but the hooks still stay catchy. I'm curious to see which songs they perform at their show since I don't imagine they will only do four songs. Maybe they'll do a cover song or something. I'm curious to see what happens. You can listen to them on myspace HERE.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cover Songs - July 4th Edition

Phone Calls From Home - Don't Matter. This song is a cover of Akon's #1 hit song from 2007. The song begins with guitar playing the beat from the song before the signature hook from the song is chanted. The chorus is sung using autotune to give it a different feel. The rapping during the verses is sung in more of a rock style. The song is definitely covered well. It is similar to the original in mostly everything but style. However, style is one of the major things to make a cover. Changing a melodies and beats are good, but style is probably the most important aspect of a cover. You can listen to Phone Calls From Home on myspace HERE.

The Higher - Closer. This song is a cover of Ne-Yo's 2008 top 10 hit. The song begins with a massive difference from the original. The opening beat is similar to a tune heard in several movies. I don't know the name of it but if you know what I am talking about comment it here. The vocals in the verses are similar to Ne-Yo's. However, there is also continuous scales of bells in the backround along with drums. The chorus is also a major stylistic change from the original. It uses guitar to give it a pop-rock feel. This is one of my favorite covers right now. One of my favorite additions to the song are the bells. It gives a more mysterious feel to the song. Plus it shows that the band is not just trying to reproduce the song but to make it their own. You can listen to The Higher on myspace HERE. They have their whole album up for streaming so listen!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Playlist - Upcoming Albums

Two songs that are released off each of the artists soon to be released albums.

Boys Like Girls - Love Drunk. I'll say it now. This song will be top 10 on the top 40 charts. For sure. This is by far BLG best song to date and will be a smash hit. It starts with a cresendo from the beginning of the song up to big guitar. The verses aren't great, but it has one of the best choruses I have ever heard. The guitars burst out and the lyrics are amazing. "I used to be love drunk, but now I'm hungover" is a perfect way of making lyrics flow. This and Weightless are far and away perfect choruses. The bridge keeps the intensity going from the 2nd chorus to the 3rd chorus. The 3rd chorus begins without guitar before bursting out again. EVERYONE needs to listen to this song now. I'm pretty sure that anyone that likes any of the music on this site will LOVE this song. Check it out on their myspace HERE.

Lets Get It - Ciroc & Roll. The songs begins with a crowd cheering as guitar gets louder. At the peak of the cresendo the band shouts their name and starts rocking out. The song also ends just about the same way as it starts, just in reverse. This song is much more rock than anything that they have ever done before and I am guessing it has something to do with their recent signing to Fearless. I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of the vocals of the singer, but it's still a good song. Definitely a song to jam out to in the car. Check out Lets Get It on myspace HERE.

Let's Make A Mess Artist Profile - The Bigger Lights

Since I am going to the Let's Make A Mess tour next week, I want to do artist profiles for all five of the bands going to be there.

The Bigger Lights are a four piece pop/rock band from Fairfax, Virginia. They are signed to Doghouse records and have already toured with some big name bands including Never Shout Never and The Secret Handshake. They are finally getting some spotlight. I've known about these guys for a while and have loved them since I heard Closer (Time Stops Breathing). Closer begins with intro guitar and becomes more of a beat during the verses. However, the intro to the chorus is extremely catchy and is one of the things this band is great at. The "Give In Give Up, Get Up, Get In, Breathe In Breathe Out" is great parallelism that can get on listeners minds and attract them in. I personally liked the older version from before they signed better then this version. I felt it flowed a bit better even though it wasn't as produced. Goldmine Valentine is another extremely catchy song that is probably my favorite by them. The "Oh no no no no" is one of their best hooks, comparable to the one mentioned above. The verses also flow great although they are sung differently than usual for the band. The lyrics are sung, but on more of a continuous note to change the style of the song. Revved and Ready and When Did We Lose Ourselves are two more of their better songs. Both of the songs are catchy pop/rock songs that are fun to jam out to at one of their shows. The Bigger Lights are definitely another band that deserves more than their 2 million views so far on myspace and hopefully this tour will kick their bigger careers off. Hopefully they will have new music out soon. You can listen to them on myspace HERE.

Cover Songs - Mashup and Mixup

Holiday Parade - Slam Crunk. This song isn't A cover song. It's THREE cover songs. This song had over a million views on myspace and purevolume when it was put up. It's a cover of Wyclef's Sweetest Girl, Sir Mix-A-Lot's Baby Got Back, and Soulja Boy's Crank That. It begins with acoustic guitar as they sing the first verse of Sweetest Girl. Drums then come in until the chorus. The chorus is always the chorus of Sweetest Girl with electric guitar. The second verse is the beginning of Baby Got Back, and the third verse is the chorus is Crank That. The thing about the song is that the three songs are combined perfectly. If a person is not listening to the lyrics closely they might not be able to tell that there are three different songs. The cover uses the same beats throughout the whole song. This is one of the best covers I know. It's not up for free download anymore, but you can listen to Holiday Parade HERE.

All Time Low, Juliet Simms, and 3Oh!3 - Careless Whisper. This song is a cover song of Wham!'s megahit from the 80's. Each of the artists take their turns in the song. The first verse is All Time Low and the second verse is Juliet Simms. Juliet Simms and All Time Low sing together on the chorus. 3Oh!3 does the beats throughout the whole song. Additionally, all three artists sing on the bridge. The cover is not amazing, but this song was never released and is more of a demo. However, Juliet Simms shows off her amazing voice whenever she sings. The song definitely seems like more of an activity the three bands/artists did for fun then a hit song.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

From The Start Album Review - Red Car Wire

01. Some Lights Ar
e Dark
02. Recovery

03. Back To Me
04. Head Rush

05. Atlanta

Red Car Wire begins their EP with a little statement before Some Lights Are Dark. They state that "this song is about hope." They definitely intend this to be a great EP by starting with that. The song begins with a small acoustic phrase before rocking out. The lyrics definitely agree with their opening statement. The chorus says "
Get me out of this town I need some wing I need to see To see some city lights when I am free." It's the hope of leaving in order to start something new. It's a great pop-punk song that has plenty of meaning to it. Recovery begins big but the lyrics come out slowly with soft guitar and drums in the background. The first verse sounds boring, but don't make that turn you off of the song. The first chorus stays slow but goes and rocks huge coming up to the second verse. The second verse has bigger guitar and drums in the background compared to the first verse, but the second chorus is where the song gets good. The slow chorus along with the guitars makes it pretty awesome. This song can be pretty boring at points but it's still a great song. Back To Me is another okay Pop-Punk song. It starts with guitar before slowing down for the first part of the first verse. The lyrics in the chorus are pretty much non-existant as all they basically say is "back to me". There really is not much to say about this song. It's boring and does not have much meaning. Head Rush is a slower song and is the one I've listened to the most. It's starts with piano and great lyrics. The second verse adds more guitar more good lyrics. The second chorus has a symbol buildup as it starts becoming more rock. The piano continues throughout the whole thing even when the guitar gets bigger. This is definitely either the best or second best song on the album. Atlanta is not close to one of the best. The first verse is very boring and choppy. Once more guitar comes in it improves a little but still stays boring. The chorus is also pretty boring and does not stand out at all. That's all there really is to say about this song. Overall, it's a pretty solid album. There are a few songs that aren't great but the band lost a couple of members in the past year. The band is still trying to recreate themselves and this is a great start for them. You can check out their EP on purevolume HERE.

Cover Songs

Freshman 15 - Paper Planes. This song is a cover of M.I.A.'s hit song from 2008-2009. I actually just found this song today. However, it's what you call a great cover. This is what I think of as how a band should cover a song. They changed the whole song to their own style. It immediately comes out with punk style guitar and the verses definitely have a punk feel. The song also doesn't feel as monotonous as the original. The singer actually changes the tone of his voice. The second verse adds in a beat similar to A-Punk by Vampire Weekend. I'm extremely impressed with this cover. Everyone should 100% check this song out to see how a song should really be covered. Listen to their myspace HERE.

Seven Story Fall - Right Now. This song is a cover of Akon's 2008 top 40 song. It's a pretty good cover. The verses are fairly similar to the original except for the hook being guitar and a few extra drum beats. However, the chorus is a huge change from the original. The guitar is put in perfectly to give it a pretty hard rock feel. Also, I can not tell if this is in the original but they say "Apple In My Eye" instead of "Apple of My Eye". It's funny how they totally mess up the old saying. At least we can understand what they are saying in this version. Overall, it's a pretty good cover. Nothing special, but still good. Check it out on their myspace HERE.