Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cover Songs - July 4th Edition

Phone Calls From Home - Don't Matter. This song is a cover of Akon's #1 hit song from 2007. The song begins with guitar playing the beat from the song before the signature hook from the song is chanted. The chorus is sung using autotune to give it a different feel. The rapping during the verses is sung in more of a rock style. The song is definitely covered well. It is similar to the original in mostly everything but style. However, style is one of the major things to make a cover. Changing a melodies and beats are good, but style is probably the most important aspect of a cover. You can listen to Phone Calls From Home on myspace HERE.

The Higher - Closer. This song is a cover of Ne-Yo's 2008 top 10 hit. The song begins with a massive difference from the original. The opening beat is similar to a tune heard in several movies. I don't know the name of it but if you know what I am talking about comment it here. The vocals in the verses are similar to Ne-Yo's. However, there is also continuous scales of bells in the backround along with drums. The chorus is also a major stylistic change from the original. It uses guitar to give it a pop-rock feel. This is one of my favorite covers right now. One of my favorite additions to the song are the bells. It gives a more mysterious feel to the song. Plus it shows that the band is not just trying to reproduce the song but to make it their own. You can listen to The Higher on myspace HERE. They have their whole album up for streaming so listen!

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