Friday, July 3, 2009

Playlist - Upcoming Albums

Two songs that are released off each of the artists soon to be released albums.

Boys Like Girls - Love Drunk. I'll say it now. This song will be top 10 on the top 40 charts. For sure. This is by far BLG best song to date and will be a smash hit. It starts with a cresendo from the beginning of the song up to big guitar. The verses aren't great, but it has one of the best choruses I have ever heard. The guitars burst out and the lyrics are amazing. "I used to be love drunk, but now I'm hungover" is a perfect way of making lyrics flow. This and Weightless are far and away perfect choruses. The bridge keeps the intensity going from the 2nd chorus to the 3rd chorus. The 3rd chorus begins without guitar before bursting out again. EVERYONE needs to listen to this song now. I'm pretty sure that anyone that likes any of the music on this site will LOVE this song. Check it out on their myspace HERE.

Lets Get It - Ciroc & Roll. The songs begins with a crowd cheering as guitar gets louder. At the peak of the cresendo the band shouts their name and starts rocking out. The song also ends just about the same way as it starts, just in reverse. This song is much more rock than anything that they have ever done before and I am guessing it has something to do with their recent signing to Fearless. I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of the vocals of the singer, but it's still a good song. Definitely a song to jam out to in the car. Check out Lets Get It on myspace HERE.

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