Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Late Nights and Lovers EP Review - Hello Hollywood

1. Danger Danger
2. Celebutaunt
3. Summer Sweetness
4. So Late So Sorry
5. Kids Undercover
6. If I Could Be

Danger Danger is a song about love at first site. They sing that he's in love with a stranger and even though he doesn't know her, he wants to change and will do anything to be with her. At the end of the song he gets with her and she is perfect for him. The song begins with some great guitar with several riffs during the verses. The vocals don't flow as well as I would like, but they're still good. The chorus will easily get stuck in your head as "Danger Danger I'm in love with a perfect stranger" can get addicting. This is the first song I've heard by them and is definitely one of their best. Celebutaunt is about a girl who is famous for absolutely no reason such as Paris Hilton. She gets obsessed with her fame and the song is about how she doesn't deserve any of it. The style of the song is similar to Danger Danger. Begins with guitar, chorus flows about the same, and has an extremely catchy chorus. The lyrics flow perfectly as in "Celebutaunt, celeb you're not" I have not listened to this song very much but I definitely see it growing on me. Summer Sweetness is about summer love. The verses give great imagery as a listener can picture the scenery. Again, this song is similar to the first two in style. However, there is no real standout lines in the chorus. It is still a good song. So Late So Sorry features Brian Dales of The Summer Set. Brian's voice adds some diversity to the songs. The verses are still similar to the other songs, but definitely closer to it's own style. Another difference in this song is the guitar bridge instead of lyrics. The chorus also doesn't have a standout phrase and this song is definitely more average than the others. Kids Undercover is the first single from the EP. They put up a blog post stating that this song means a lot to them. This song also digresses from the format of their other songs. It begins with a chorus before going into the verses. The whole chorus is catchy and can get you singing it out loud in random places. The bridge has very meaningful lyrics that I am guessing are about the band being almost like a family. The final chorus repeats itself several times before changing style for the final repeat. If I Could Be is a huge digression from their other songs. The tempo is much much slower than the other songs. The flow of the lyrics is still the same as the other songs. The chorus begins with another catchy phrase "If I could If I could be one thing" The bridge comes in with big guitar and what sounds like orchestral instruments in the background. The final chorus begins with raw lyrics and acoustic guitar, but then surges back into big rock. This is another of their standout songs and shows that they can diversify their music.

Hello Hollywood is definitely a band on the rise. They still need to work on diversifying their music. If they accomplish that, they could easily surge in popularity. I would suggest working on a new acoustic song. That would be a great start in a new direction. You can listen to Hello Hollywood on myspace HERE and the WHOLE ALBUM on purevolume HERE.


  1. Just checked out these guys from Absolutepunk, and a google search for a review of the EP brought me here. Definitely agree with a lot of your points. Their cover of Chris Browns' "With You" is also something to check out.

  2. Yeah, I like it too.
    I was only focusing on the EP here.
    However I definitely need to do a cover song article on it.