Friday, July 3, 2009

Let's Make A Mess Artist Profile - The Bigger Lights

Since I am going to the Let's Make A Mess tour next week, I want to do artist profiles for all five of the bands going to be there.

The Bigger Lights are a four piece pop/rock band from Fairfax, Virginia. They are signed to Doghouse records and have already toured with some big name bands including Never Shout Never and The Secret Handshake. They are finally getting some spotlight. I've known about these guys for a while and have loved them since I heard Closer (Time Stops Breathing). Closer begins with intro guitar and becomes more of a beat during the verses. However, the intro to the chorus is extremely catchy and is one of the things this band is great at. The "Give In Give Up, Get Up, Get In, Breathe In Breathe Out" is great parallelism that can get on listeners minds and attract them in. I personally liked the older version from before they signed better then this version. I felt it flowed a bit better even though it wasn't as produced. Goldmine Valentine is another extremely catchy song that is probably my favorite by them. The "Oh no no no no" is one of their best hooks, comparable to the one mentioned above. The verses also flow great although they are sung differently than usual for the band. The lyrics are sung, but on more of a continuous note to change the style of the song. Revved and Ready and When Did We Lose Ourselves are two more of their better songs. Both of the songs are catchy pop/rock songs that are fun to jam out to at one of their shows. The Bigger Lights are definitely another band that deserves more than their 2 million views so far on myspace and hopefully this tour will kick their bigger careers off. Hopefully they will have new music out soon. You can listen to them on myspace HERE.

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