Sunday, July 12, 2009

Let's Make A Mess Artist Profile - Hey Monday

Hey Monday is a five piece powerpop band from West Palm Beach, Florida. They formed in 2007 and were signed within a year to a major label. In 2008 they released their first album, Hold On Tight, on Columbia/Decaydance records. As many female led rock bands are, they are usually compared to Paramore. However, they are not similar at all. Paramore is much more punk while Hey Monday is pretty mainstream. Their first single, Homecoming, almost made it to the top 40 charts. Homecoming begins with bells playing the melody until the guitar takes its place. Cassadee uses amazing vocals along with sing-a-long hooks to draw audiences in. The chorus is extremely catchy and "Homecoming I'm coming" will get stuck in anyone's head. The rock style along with the poppy vocals and melodies lead to fans from widespread audiences. The second single from the album, How You Love Me Now, begins with chanting and goes into Cassadee's vocals. She is an extremely good vocalist. Hayley's voice live is definitely not as good as Cassadee's. I'm taking a guess that the chanting will be done by the audience during the concert. If I'm write I'll be sure to say. Hey Monday also does slower songs. Candles begins with piano in the first verse accompanying Cassadee's absolutely gorgeous vocals. Chimes come in right before the chorus that makes this song absolutely beautiful. The guitar comes in the second verse and gives more of a rock feel to the song. The second chorus goes all out rock and this is definitely one of my favorite songs on the album. 6 Months is entirely acoustic and shows Cassadee's brilliant voice. She is one of the top female rock vocalists right now. Hey Monday is on their first headlining tour only two years after forming, which shows how great a band they are and are becoming. You can listen to them on myspace HERE.

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