Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Playlist - July Singles Part 2

Today I will talk about Faber Drive and Panic! At The Disco. Tomorrow is Breathe Carolina and Mayday Parade.

Faber Drive's new single, G-Get Up And Dance, is a huge shock to anyone who has heard them before. This song sounds nothing like any of their past stuff. Their past stuff was good pop-rock, however this new song is an extremely catchy dance song. None of their songs had any synthesizers before while this one is covered with them. There seems to be autotune sprinkled in once in a while, but it adds to the style of the song. The chorus alone is more catchy than any Faber Drive song in the past. This song could easily be a top 40 hit. It probably won't in the US, however in Canada I can see it happening easily. It's amazing how bands can change themselves. This makes me extremely curious to hear the CD. I wonder if more songs will be like this. Listen to Faber HERE.

Panic! At The Disco is releasing their first single, New Perspective, since the controversial split of the band. Two of the members, including *Edit* Lead Guitarist Ryan Ross left the band to start their own project. Brendon Urie re-added the exclamation point to the name and released this new single. I'm actually a real fan of it. I was really let down by Pretty. Odd. and this is a great return to their old stuff. It is similar to Fever with some traces of P.O. It still keeps the jolly feel as in P.O. while still being good pop-rock songs. Definitely check it out. I wasn't looking forward to the album until this song. Check it out HERE.


  1. ryan ross is not the bassist, he was the lead guitar and jon walker was the bassist
    and its not "brendan" its Brendon

  2. Thanks, Edited.
    I'm not a huge follower of them, so i just threw this together.

    Thanks for reading.