Sunday, July 5, 2009

Let's Make A Mess Artist Profile - Stereo Skyline

This is part two of the Let's Make A Mess Tour artist profiles.

Stereo Skyline is a three piece powerpop band from Long Island, New York. They are a fairly new band with only one four song EP released. However, they already have 17 million views on myspace. Their top song, Heartbeat, already has 9 million views. How did they become this popular? Well first of all, teenage girls find them attractive. I'll be honest when I say that I told a friend she'd find them attractive. And she did. Also, their music is directed at that same audience. Their catchy hooks and corny lyrics get their listeners coming back for more. In Heartbeat, the "baby keep your heart b-b-b-b-beating" will almost assuredly get a listener's head. In Uptown Get Around, the "I'll be thinking that maybe baby, I've been goin a little crazy lately" line will be another line impossible to get of your head. Most of their songs are similar styled, but the hooks still stay catchy. I'm curious to see which songs they perform at their show since I don't imagine they will only do four songs. Maybe they'll do a cover song or something. I'm curious to see what happens. You can listen to them on myspace HERE.

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