Thursday, July 16, 2009

Warped Tour Review

Warped was overall crazy as usual. I don't have too much to go over here but I will put brief summaries and setlists.

I got there late at about 11:30. A Skylit Drive was playing on the Smartpunk stage. I saw them do Eva The Carrier and Wires and the Concept of Breathing. I'm surprised on how good they were. I didn't think his voice would work as well live. But they were amazing. The next band I saw was Mercy Mercedes. That was a very impressive performance. They had plenty of people watching and made it a good show. They played their entire EP minus Revolution (my favorite song by them). After that I watched A Rocket To The Moon. I've seen them before and it was extremely similar to the first time. However I did not like their new song at all. I sure hope the recorded version is much better than how I heard it. Breathe Carolina was next. I was pretty shocked on how great the screamer was. It sounded exactly like the recordings. It might have been the recordings, but let's not assume that. He's good. Hit The Lights was the next band I saw that I had already seen. They played a bunch of their album songs, Back Breaker, and Body Bag. I was still disappointed they didn't play Don't Wait. From what I saw they put on a crazy show as usual. They made fun of the Millionaires who played right before them. Always adds intensity. I then watched 15 minutes of VersaEmerge before one of my most awaited performances of the night. The White Tie Affair was AMAZING. There were some girls that were making legit mosh pits during their songs. They played Take It Home, Scene Change, If I Fall, Allow Me To Introduce Myself Mr Right, The Letdown, A Cover of Just Dance, and Candle. From there I saw Settings who played Keep Me Safe, Kill The Urge, Use You, Do It Again, Creatures, and one other song I missed. The band I wanted to see the most, There For Tomorrow, was playing after Jeffree Star. I went down as it was finishing up to get a good spot. I ended right at the baricade right in front of the drum set. And it was SO worth it. Cassadee Pope and the rest of Hey Monday were back stage with TFT the whole time. Hey Monday announced that they would be at a fall tour on monday night but would not say who they were going to perform with. TFT also said they were going on a fall tour (very fishy, but I sure hope so). TFT played No More Room To Breathe, A Little Faster, Deadlines, Backbone, The Remedy, and Pages. The whole band is absolutely amazing and they proved that. I screamed my lungs out so much that I was sore in my throat the next day.

Warped was an amazing experience. I'm already excited for next year.

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