Monday, July 6, 2009

Let's Make A Mess Artist Profile - The Friday Night Boys

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The Friday Night Boys are a 4 piece pop/punk band from Fairfax, Virginia. They originally released an independently released EP named The Sketch Process in early 2008. They were signed to Fueled By Ramen in August and released the That's What She Said EP in October. They recently released their first full length album, Off The Deep End, last month. Similarly to Stereo Skyline, they draw in their audience through corny lyrics and catchy hooks. That's What She Said instantly draws listeners in because of the name. Once they listen to it they can not get the chorus out of their head. The song begins with techno beats that soon turn to guitar. High School talks about high school behavior and how things do not change very much afterwards. Celebrity Life talks about how being a celebrity is more difficult than it is expected and it also can corrupt a person. You Do, You Don't is a very different song for them. It is led by piano and is much slower than any of their other songs. Molly Makeout was one of their older songs that was not on either of the EP's that they remastered for the full length. It was originally mostly acoustic. The remastered version is a total revamp of the song. The vocals are better, the guitar is more towards their style, and it is in general a much more fun song. Also, Alex Gaskarth has a few segments of guest vocals. Stuttering is the first single off the new album and was a great choice. On several of the lyrics they "stutter" the lyrics to go with the name of the song. That stylistic decision was a great way to work towards the song's meaning. Some of their other good songs are Permanent Heartbreak, Give It Up, and the slower Finding Me Out. The Friday Night Boys are definitely emerging into a prominent band in their genre. They've been on tour with All Time Low already and now are with Hey Monday. You can check them out on myspace HERE.

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