Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cover Songs

Freshman 15 - Paper Planes. This song is a cover of M.I.A.'s hit song from 2008-2009. I actually just found this song today. However, it's what you call a great cover. This is what I think of as how a band should cover a song. They changed the whole song to their own style. It immediately comes out with punk style guitar and the verses definitely have a punk feel. The song also doesn't feel as monotonous as the original. The singer actually changes the tone of his voice. The second verse adds in a beat similar to A-Punk by Vampire Weekend. I'm extremely impressed with this cover. Everyone should 100% check this song out to see how a song should really be covered. Listen to their myspace HERE.

Seven Story Fall - Right Now. This song is a cover of Akon's 2008 top 40 song. It's a pretty good cover. The verses are fairly similar to the original except for the hook being guitar and a few extra drum beats. However, the chorus is a huge change from the original. The guitar is put in perfectly to give it a pretty hard rock feel. Also, I can not tell if this is in the original but they say "Apple In My Eye" instead of "Apple of My Eye". It's funny how they totally mess up the old saying. At least we can understand what they are saying in this version. Overall, it's a pretty good cover. Nothing special, but still good. Check it out on their myspace HERE.

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