Thursday, July 16, 2009

Platinum EP Review - Settings

Track List:
1. Use You
2. Do It Again
3. Kill The Urge
4. Just A Lie
5. No Mystery

Use You begins with background electronic noises until the guitar comes for four measures. The guitar then backs off as drums come in. The instrumentation continues coming in as more mysterious electronic noises and then the guitar returns. The song continues as a pretty good electric rock song. The lyrics are very sexual, however that does not take away from the song sound. However, if you are looking for lyrics, this is not the song for you. Do It Again was the first song released from the album. It starts with simple synthesizers before drums come in and the noises seem to get more ominous. The guitar comes in during the chorus and there is not much other than that. The chorus will get you singing along. It is another sexual song, but the lyrics are much more catchy than Use You. Definitely one of the best on the album. Kill The Urge is much more rock than Do It Again. It immediately comes in with guitars and continues throughout the entire song. It is definitely a great rocking song. The chorus was one of the best things during their performance at warped because everyone put fingers up counting down while they sung "5, 4, 3 2 1" This is my favorite on the album. Just A Lie begins with a combination of electric and rock. The guitar sounds pretty similar to Kill The Urge throughout the whole thing. The chorus is pretty good, however there isn't a line that stands out. I haven't listened to it enough to grow into it, but it's still a pretty good song that I can see myself liking. No Mystery begins with a low grumbling of guitar and synthesizer. They then come in with lyrics that I do not feel flow well. The best part of the song is definitely the bridge to the chorus. It literally rocks and flows extremely well. However, the chorus doesn't show me the same flow.

This is a fairly good album, however most of the songs sound pretty much the same. They need to work on variety and changing up some of their songs. However, they are unique and that definitely sets things in their favor. You can listen to the whole EP on myspace HERE.

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