Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys - Acoustic Show Review

Today I went to the Boys Will Be Boys acoustic show and EP preview at Hot Topic. I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoy their music, however I did not expect them to be that great. They actually have very good live voices. Only 10-15 people showed up to see them, but it was definitely a great audience. They began with Make This Count, followed by one new song from their EP called Jaded. I enjoyed it along with their other new songs. After Jaded was a cover of Taylor Swift's Our Song, a second new song, Stop Calling Me, and a third new song. The third new song was a slow song unlike anything they have ever done before. As I said before, all the new songs were great. After the show, everyone in the room got pictures, signatures, and conversations with all the band members. The guys were all really cool and loved meeting everyone. They also played each of the songs recorded over the speakers. The recorded versions sounded just as great as the acoustic ones. I'm planning on going to the EP release show next Sunday at Jammin Java. I can't wait to get the new tracks on my library. Check them out on myspace HERE.
Pictures and videos here:

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