Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Playlist - July Singles Part 3

Today is the new Breathe Carolina single along with the new Mayday Parade song.

The title track of the new Breathe Carolina CD, Hello Fascination, is much different than songs such as Birds and the Bees, Diamonds, and the cover of See You Again. There's definitely more guitar than I am used to in a BC track. It begins off sounding like a hardcore song and goes back into hardcore mode at several points during the song. I also have to admit that their vocals in the song sound similarly to The Used. I'll probably get shunned from the music world for that comment, but oh well. BC seems like they are trying to separate themselves from the other "shunned" bands of the crunkcore world. Fearless is definitely doing a good job with BC. I prefer Welcome to Savannah over this song, but it's still good. Listen to BC on myspace HERE. The album comes out on September 16th.

I'll admit I was scared when I first listened to Anywhere But Here by Mayday Parade, and I still am about the album. I'm afraid that without the duel vocals they won't sound as great. I still like the new song, it's just different. This song actually isn't their first single; just the first song they are releasing. It seems a bit more rock from songs such as Jamie All Over and When I Get Home You're So Dead, but it's still good. It just doesn't seem like Mayday Parade. That is exactly what I'm afraid of. I'm not a fan of end of the chorus. It just seems to end way too suddenly. I think they should have added one more phrase at the end. I can see me listening to this song a bunch of times but never really getting into it. I love Mayday Parade and I would hate for them to become just another band. Listen to Mayday Parade on myspace HERE. The album drops October 6th.

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