Thursday, July 9, 2009

Artist Profile - The Arrival

The Arrival is a 5 piece pop/rock band from Madison, Alabama. They have released one EP, Believe The Hype, and several unreleased songs. They also have one song on the Rockin Romance compilation which I have already reviewed. Additionally they released an acoustic version of Forget About The Forecast on itunes. They have definitely changed their style from the EP to their other songs. Their EP was much more electric than their newer stuff. Is This What You Call Love? is full of synthesizers with the drums in the background. There is very little guitar throughout the whole song. Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is has the synthesizers as the melody but uses more guitar as the beat. The chorus definitely shows their excellent lyrics. Their phrase "Time is money, and I'm gonna spend it all on you" uses figurative language to express the song's meaning. The acoustic version of Forget About The Forecast, released after the EP, showed little change in their electro-rock style. The acoustic guitar went along with synthesizers extremely well. This is one of their best songs. The chorus again shows great lyrics and great meaning. However, all the EP songs had a similar style. Surrounded was their first song that made me go "Wow, this is totally different." It's much slower than all their other songs and begins with guitar and claps. The synthesizers again come in during the first verse and take off during the chorus. The beats definitely give style to the chorus. The bridge combines synthesizers and guitar together in a rock feel. This is probably my favorite song by them and is definitely worth checking out. Their newest song, Turn The Page was just released a couple of days ago. It is much more pop-rock than any of their other songs. The synthesizers are not overly used in the song and there is much more guitar and drums. The whole song is just a total new style for them. The Arrival are excellent musicians and could easily burst out. They've shown that they can do a multitude of styles already. They are heading more towards a popular style and that could definitely increase their listening audience. They are also extremely nice guys that will talk to anyone online. You can listen to them on myspace HERE.

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