Monday, November 30, 2009

Song Of The Day 11/30/09 and Upcoming

As you all know, we are getting to the end of the year. The end of the year means it's time to make the "best of 09" lists. December will be the month of my top albums, EPs, and individual songs of the year. I have been trying to put a list together, however I have realized the order can change by the minute. I will post my top 10 alphabetically, with my top 3 actually stated. That will take up most of December.

Today's song of the day is Marla Singer Doesn't Take Standardized Tests (Disposable Smile) by Analog Rebellion. Analog Rebellion is Dan Hunter, formerly known as PlayRadioPlay! The recent name change was his choice in order to remove similarities between him and other bands such as NeverShoutNever. I don't agree with his decisions, however I do like this song. However, it is much different from the Texas album. Compared to PlayRadioPlay, it is much less electric and has more guitar. As always, Dan keeps his music extremely catchy. The bridge has a big guitar part, another major break from PlayRadioPlay songs. I'm curious to see how Analog Rebellion works out. He also has a 40 song PlayRadioPlay B-sides album out soon. Check him out on myspace HERE.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Artist Profie - Oh No Not Stereo

Let me start by wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving. And with that, I also give thanks to a band that was extremely friendly to me at the Manatour. Oh No Not Stereo was not even supposed to be on the tour, but due to personal issues I Rival had to drop off the tour, opening a spot for ONNS. I don’t think I met a single person at the show who had heard of them beforehand.

They easily won the crowd over with their intense, wild rock music. The first song they played, Let’s Get It Started, is the perfect opener. The chorus is something everyone can get pumped up and sing along to. Hurricanes, played second, is another song that I knew before the show. The lyrics are strong, as shown by the extended metaphor encompassing the song. The powerful guitar solo easily fits in with the flow of the song. By the end of this song, people were finally getting interested in the band. They closed with This Friday Night, a song I had not known before the show. They made sure to get crowd participation by telling them what to do at the chorus. Along with the fact that the show took place on a Friday, the crowd was psyched. However, they did not play my favorite song of theirs; 12 Years Later. Due to the quiet acoustic nature of the song, I can see why they didn’t play it. Lyrically, the song is very strong and meaningful. The chorus is extremely catchy, especially for an acoustic song. The song builds up by the end and finishes with intensity.

After the show, they met with all their fans. They were extremely friendly guys, and the lead singer, Skyler, even gave out his cell number. I’ve talked to him on occasion and he’s a great guy. He and the rest of his band deserved to go out on this big tour with Hit The Lights and There For Tomorrow. Additionally, they are giving away their whole catalog on their website. Check it out here and download all of their music for FREE.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Song Of The Day - 11/24/09

Today's song of the day comes with a new feature. A free download! I have gotten permission from The Fold (the band who has this song) to spread it around. The link to download the song is HERE.

The song is Every Band In The USA by The Fold. If you can't tell by now, it's a parody of the Miley Cyrus "hit" "song". The song is an observation of all the fads in music this day and age. They talk about the "neon" craze of fans and autotuned bands. They then talk about the craze of popular song covers. The best part about it is the irony of putting that in a popular song. However, my favorite part of the song is in the bridge and last chorus. The phrase "Glamour Kills won't sponsor us, so All Time Low won't tour with us" is one of the best lines in the song. ATL seems to only tour with Glamour Kills bands, as seen by their hundreds of tours with the exact same bands. In the chorus, they even put in a "br00tal" breakdown which any hardcore band wouldn't be ashamed of. The Fold makes extremely good points about the state of music these days. And while doing that, they make one of the best parodies I've heard. Check them out on myspace here.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Song Of The Day - 11/23/09

Today's song of the day is Fall Asleep First by Go Radio. Or is it Mayday Parade? It sounds like them, so it must be them! However, it's Go Radio. Go Radio is actually the former second singer of Mayday Parade, Jason Lancaster. I've always felt he was the driving force behind Mayday. He was the song writer and his vocals were easily better than Derek's. Anyone who listens to Miserable At Best or any of the other old Mayday songs should realize that. This song is what Mayday could have been on their newest album. It's upsetting to see the old Mayday change; however, their sound is not gone. Go Radio has it and will continue to use it. Old Mayday fans need to learn Go Radio, because Go Radio's next album will be as good as A Lesson For Romantics. Check them out on myspace HERE.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Song Of The Day - 11/22/09

So, I'm bored and I haven't done a post yet today other than the R.I.P. post, so I'm going to do a SOTD post.

Today's song is Silhouettes by Swimming With Dolphins. One might think they sound exactly like Owl City. Well, Adam Young from Owl City actually produced SWD's album. Additionally, the female voice during the chorus of The Saltwater Room is actually featured in this song as well. Her name is Breanne Duren for whoever is wondering. They also have toured together several times, including one tour this summer with another of my favorite bands, Holiday Parade. SWD has the same ambient sound as Owl City, however with less random beeps and boops. Any Owl City fan will easily like SWD. Check them out on their myspace HERE.

R.I.P. Girls Get All The Action

I usually don't do actual news posts, but this is extremely important to me. These guys influenced me to start this blog. Once I got the idea of starting it, I took it to Jason, one of the members. He said it was a great idea. A few hours later the blog was up. A day later the first blog post was a review of them, which you can read here. My writing has drastically changed from there, but that article still means a lot to me. I even met Jason at the Hey Monday concert. That meeting was the moment of the night, which included meeting the members of all the other bands. That's how much they meant to me. This is a sad day in my musical life. I hate to see bands like that just break up due to things not working out. I will keep everyone updated on upcoming side projects for all the other bands. But this is just something I felt I needed to mention.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Damn Rough Night EP Review - Artist Vs. Poet

Track listing:
1. Damn Rough Night
2. Gateway
3. Rescue
4. To Hell With The Letdown

Artist Vs. Poet returns with their first released material since their self titled EP over a year ago. The first EP got a great review from me earlier on the blog. This catchy pop-rock EP is a great follow up to the EP and preview to the upcoming album.

The title track, Damn Rough Night, is a fun song about the epicness which is turning 21. The lyrics express all the emotions of going all out on that night, including the fun, the craziness, and the forgotten memories. The catchy chorus has been stuck in my head for a while. Additionally, Forever The Sickest Kids, currently on tour with Artist Vs. Poet, give some guest vocals in the bridge.

Gateway is another song of the similar formula: Catchy lyrics and a catchy beat. The verses aren't their best, but the chorus is still great. Rescue sounds like a song right out of an All Time Low album. I mean that in a good way. It's a great song that again follows their formula of success. To Hell With The Letdown is a song that isn't my favorite, but maybe it will grow on me. The chorus just seems boring to me. It's not a bad song, but it's not their best.

As said earlier, Artist Vs. Poet follows their formula to success. I would love to see them add some diversity, but with a four song EP that is not important. However, for their full length they need to add some change. These guys have a load of potential, especially on Fearless. Their full length is probably going to be one of my most awaited albums of 2010. Check Artist Vs Poet out on Myspace HERE.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Song Of The Day - 11/19/09

Just as a little advertisement, I now have my own facebook fan page. If you become a fan of it you will automatically be updated on your news feed every time I post an update. Makes your life a lot easier. Link is HERE.

Anyways, on to the song of the day.

Today's song of the day is by a band known as Chasing Thrill. I found them a few weeks ago and automatically fell in love. Did you love Saosin before they sucked? Well, I found a new favorite band for you. My Ballad is a slower song than most of their other songs, but it is epic. The singer's vocals are amazing and the vocals are powerful. And it sounds like old Saosin, if not better. Check them out on myspace HERE. I can't wait til these guys get out a full length.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Song Of The Day - 11/17/09

Today I'm starting a new feature. In order to keep posting even when I am busy, I'm going to do a song of the day segment. Basically I'll post a song, give a brief review of it, give similar artists, etc etc.

Today's song of the day is actually a cover song of a song almost everyone knows. Just listen to the lyrics. The song is Sunshine by Good Morning Milo. I found the band on Purevolume in the top 15, listened to them, and downloaded their album. Only after I started listening to the whole album did I hear Sunshine. I was shocked when I heard the song. Most of the song is simple acoustic guitar, although there's some full band at the end. This is one of the best covers I have heard. It takes a song almost everyone knows and totally remakes it. The rest of the album reminds me of Ludo, so if you are a fan I'd listen to the rest of the album. It's pretty good in general, so definitely give it a chance on Purevolume.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Album Roundup - 9/22/09 - 11/16/09

Okay. I am officially back in action. Due to my long hiatus, I have missed reviewing many albums. This post will be a brief overview of several of the ones I don't feel like doing a long review with.

Paramore - brand new eyes:
This is the album that destroyed my blog. It was mostly my fault though. I finished a really nice review, but it got deleted. I had no feelings of redoing it at all. However, the album is great. It is totally different than Riot!, but in a much more mature way. There aren't as many sure cut radio hits and there are more slow songs. Ignorance, Careful, and Bring By Boring Brick are for the Riot! fans, and the acoustic The Only Exception and the absolutely beautiful epic ballad All I Wanted are two songs that anyone should love.

Mayday Parade - Anywhere But Here:
What a disappointment. A Lesson In Romantics was an absolutely brilliant album. However, the loss of their songwriter and second singer Jason Lancaster, now singer of Go Radio, affected the entire band's style. Derek's voice just does not belong with these songs. There's a few good songs, however there are no amazing ones. The Silence, If You Can't Live Without Me, Why Aren't You Dead Yet, and The End are the three I will suggest to listen to. The bonus track, The Memory, is one of the best and if you can get that song I would.

Relient K - Forget And Not Slow Down:
A pretty good album. I've never been a huge Relient K fan, mostly only liking the radio hits. However, I like it. It's a bit more alternative than I usually listen to, so my opinion isn't strong on this album. Songs I suggest are Forget And Not Slow Down, If You Believe Me, and the sister songs This Is The End and (If You Want It)

A Rocket To The Moon - On Your Side:
Absolutely DREADFUL. Honestly, I don't even listen to it. It's totally different than their EP, which was great. This album is more acoustic alternative and less pop/rock. It's boring, the songs sound the same, and I really don't even see one song that I like. Annabelle is decent, Mr. Right isn't horrible, and On Your Side is okay. The new Dakota is nothing compared to the original and everything else is lousy.

The Summer Set - Love Like This:
Absolutely BRILLIANT. And yes, the similarities in the first sentence between this and ARTTM album are on purpose. The albums both came out on the same day, both carried the same amount of hype, and both seemed very similar in the past. However, this album blows it out of the water. It exceeded even my expectations. It's easily one of my favorite albums of the year. Chelsea, The Boys You Do, Love Like This, Girls Freak Me Out, This Is How We Live, and Punch Drunk Love are all excellent sons worth taking a listen to.

Cartel - Cycles:
I hadn't listened to Cartel in years. I liked Honestly when it was on the radio, but I was never a huge Cartel fan. However, I decided to take a listen. I actually really like this album. It's a real good pop-punk album. Let's Go, the first single, is just decent, however The Perfect Mistake, Faster Ride, It Still Remains, and the acoustic Only You are my favorites.

Every Avenue - Picture Perfect.
I LOVE this album. I liked their last album, and this one beats it easily. This and The Summer Set are the two best albums during this two month time period. Tell Me I'm A Wreck was a perfect choice for the single and could easily be on the radio. I Forgive You and Mindset are two fun songs with powerful riffs. The Story Left Untold has probably the best transition in a song I have ever heard, seamlessly shifting from 4/4 to 3/4. I barely even noticed the change until I listened carefully. That's musical brilliance right there. Other great songs are Picture Perfect, Happy The Hard Way, and Clumsy Little Heart.

I've also listened to the new Dashboard album and Faber Drive album, but not enough to give an opinion. Also I've listened to several EPs, including the Rocket Summer, Forever The Sickest Kids, and The Years Gone By. Those are possibly going to be done later this week. Additionally, I've been to two concerts in the past month with another few coming up before the end of the year. Reviews of them might come as well. Plus several other misc. things. Keep checking in, telling people about the blog, and become a fan on Facebook!

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