Sunday, November 22, 2009

Song Of The Day - 11/22/09

So, I'm bored and I haven't done a post yet today other than the R.I.P. post, so I'm going to do a SOTD post.

Today's song is Silhouettes by Swimming With Dolphins. One might think they sound exactly like Owl City. Well, Adam Young from Owl City actually produced SWD's album. Additionally, the female voice during the chorus of The Saltwater Room is actually featured in this song as well. Her name is Breanne Duren for whoever is wondering. They also have toured together several times, including one tour this summer with another of my favorite bands, Holiday Parade. SWD has the same ambient sound as Owl City, however with less random beeps and boops. Any Owl City fan will easily like SWD. Check them out on their myspace HERE.

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