Thursday, November 26, 2009

Artist Profie - Oh No Not Stereo

Let me start by wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving. And with that, I also give thanks to a band that was extremely friendly to me at the Manatour. Oh No Not Stereo was not even supposed to be on the tour, but due to personal issues I Rival had to drop off the tour, opening a spot for ONNS. I don’t think I met a single person at the show who had heard of them beforehand.

They easily won the crowd over with their intense, wild rock music. The first song they played, Let’s Get It Started, is the perfect opener. The chorus is something everyone can get pumped up and sing along to. Hurricanes, played second, is another song that I knew before the show. The lyrics are strong, as shown by the extended metaphor encompassing the song. The powerful guitar solo easily fits in with the flow of the song. By the end of this song, people were finally getting interested in the band. They closed with This Friday Night, a song I had not known before the show. They made sure to get crowd participation by telling them what to do at the chorus. Along with the fact that the show took place on a Friday, the crowd was psyched. However, they did not play my favorite song of theirs; 12 Years Later. Due to the quiet acoustic nature of the song, I can see why they didn’t play it. Lyrically, the song is very strong and meaningful. The chorus is extremely catchy, especially for an acoustic song. The song builds up by the end and finishes with intensity.

After the show, they met with all their fans. They were extremely friendly guys, and the lead singer, Skyler, even gave out his cell number. I’ve talked to him on occasion and he’s a great guy. He and the rest of his band deserved to go out on this big tour with Hit The Lights and There For Tomorrow. Additionally, they are giving away their whole catalog on their website. Check it out here and download all of their music for FREE.


  1. onns are my favorite! i love them :D i am so glad they were added to the manatour

  2. Hahaaha. Agreed!
    Did they play 12 Years later at yours?

    And thanks for checking out the blog =)