Monday, November 23, 2009

Song Of The Day - 11/23/09

Today's song of the day is Fall Asleep First by Go Radio. Or is it Mayday Parade? It sounds like them, so it must be them! However, it's Go Radio. Go Radio is actually the former second singer of Mayday Parade, Jason Lancaster. I've always felt he was the driving force behind Mayday. He was the song writer and his vocals were easily better than Derek's. Anyone who listens to Miserable At Best or any of the other old Mayday songs should realize that. This song is what Mayday could have been on their newest album. It's upsetting to see the old Mayday change; however, their sound is not gone. Go Radio has it and will continue to use it. Old Mayday fans need to learn Go Radio, because Go Radio's next album will be as good as A Lesson For Romantics. Check them out on myspace HERE.

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