Monday, June 22, 2009

Cover Songs - Rockin Romance Part Two

Part two of the Rockin Romance edition of songs. Part three will be tomorrow.

Lets Get It - All My Life. This song is a cover of K-Ci and JoJo's R&B #1 hit in 1998. Similar to 1000 Miles, the song starts out similar to the original before coming in with a drumset for the first verse. Then the guitar comes back in right before the chorus. Lets Get It transforms the song from a gospel love ballad to a song that rocks. This version is almost the same as the original except for the guitars, faster tempo, and the lack of the gospel chant in the chorus. I'm also going to take this time to congratulate the band on their recent signing to Fearless Records. Good luck for the future guys, and I hope to be able to put you guys back on here soon. Check out the song and the band on their myspace HERE.

With You - Goodnight Sunrise. This song is a cover of Jessica Simpson's 2004 hit. This version is almost exactly the same as the original. I've been listening to it and I can not find very many changes. There is definitely extra guitar added in the second and third verse and chorus, but you could substitute both versions and it would be extremely similar. Because of this reason while it still is a good song, I can not say this is a very good cover. The point of a cover song is to make it your own version. Goodnight Sunrise is still a good band with potential. They also have a new album coming out soon. Check out Goodnight Sunrise HERE.

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