Thursday, June 25, 2009

Never Shout Never Summer EP Review - One More Song

Since the album has come out, I've been able to hear the bonus song Liar Liar. Since I don't want to leave any song out, here's the review of it.

This is definitely something absolutely brand new for nevershoutnever. It starts with him singing along with acoustic guitar, but then a drumset comes in while a piano comes in soon after. This is the first song totally of full band. He still has his signature catchiness although this song is much harsher than is used to for NSN. I do have to admit that songs like this are still needed. It is always good to have some variety. There's even a tiny guitar solo in it. This song is basically everything NSN never was. That's not saying it's a bad song, because it definitely is a really good one. Check it out.

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