Monday, June 22, 2009

Artist Profile - Boys Will Be Boys

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Boys Will Be Boys is a four piece Powerpop band from Northern Virginia. They have released three albums of singles on itunes. Their first release was the Pre-Release, featuring Thats Whats Up, Make This Count, and Word On The Street. Their second release featured Stop Calling Me and a remix of Make This Count. They also released a cover of Chris Brown's Forever. The band which I can easily compare them to is Forever The Sickest Kids. Thats Whats Up sounds like exactly like something that FTSK would do. Their lyrics are mostly playful and fun rather than serious. In Make This Count they sing "Stop talking to your friends cause I hate them." However, the Make This Count Remix is probably one of their best songs. It is more of an acoustic then a remix, but some lyrics are also changed. The acoustic definitely improved the song. Their best song is definitely Stop Calling Me. The chorus is extremely catchy and fun. "Stop calling me, it's not fair but I have to leave just leave baby leave I know it's hard to believe I gotta leave." It flows perfectly and even though again the lyrics are not very serious, it makes the song fun. I suggest Boys Will Be Boys to anyone who likes powerpop music. If you are looking for great lyrics, I wouldn't suggest looking here, however if fun and upbeat music are what you want, Boys Will Be Boys are for you. You can check them out on myspace HERE.

Additionally, I might be getting an interview with Boys Will Be Boys. If anyone has any question suggestions, post here. If I ask them I will credit you!

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