Friday, June 26, 2009

All Time Low - Nothing Personal Listening Party Review

I was at the listening party for the new All Time Low album. And I hate to say I was disappointed. There really weren't any stand out tracks. i was only able to hear each track once, so while I can't do a track by track review I can do an overall review.

I still think Weightless is the second best ATL song ever. The lyrics are epic and the chorus might be one of the best choruses I have EVER heard. "Maybe it's not my weekend, but it's gonna be my year" is probably the best line of any song I've heard. I'm really upset it's not getting as much publicity as it should, cause I could see this song going #1. This song is perfect. Get it. Now.

Damned If I Do Ya is extremely catchy. I've been singing the chorus all evening since I came home. It's actually ATL's first ever top 100 hit. Surprising. This should be Weightless. However this or Lost In Stereo are the second and third best songs on the album. I have not been able to Lost In Stereo enough it is definitely a standout song.

Sadly I can't say the same for any other track on the album. It might need to grow on me. However there are not any other instant classics such as Dear Maria, Poppin Champaigne, Stay Awake, Remembering Sunday, and many others. One song stood out, but not for good reasons. Track 9, Too Much, was awful. It started with club beats and just was overall terrible. They said "Too Much" way too much and had the worst lyrics I've heard in an ATL song. "Too much of anything is too much" is when I gave up on the song. Most of the other songs sounded similar to each other, although Track 11, A Party Song, has potential to be a standout song. I was disappointed there were no acoustic songs like Remembering Sunday. The one real slow song, Therapy, was not great and was depressing without standing out at all. Maybe it will grow on me, maybe not.

Overall I think it was a good album, just not up to ATL standards. I need to listen to the songs much more before I give a real rating, and hopefully I'll be able to update in a positive way. However my first listen was not great and that's never a good sign.


  1. Damn. Lucky. Judging from the clips, (and apart from the 4 songs I've heard) I'm interested to hear "Break Your Little Heart" and "Sick Little Games", the latter which I believe was produced by Butch Walker. Can't wait for this album to drop.

  2. heyy i met you at the listening party:)
    your blog is awesomee. and dudee i couldn't agree with you more! wtf was up with that song "too much" . idk if they're trying to push out of hopeless and up to something higher but seriously it sucks for their old fans since even if its somewhat alike to their last album its just too "pop-y" i think:[

  3. hey i met you at the listening party too =D
    you have a lot of really good reviews on here!