Friday, June 26, 2009

Cover Songs - Punk Goes Pop 2 Part 2

Same thing as usual. Two more cover songs for you guys. You can listen to the whole album HERE.

Attack Attack - I Kissed A Girl. Everybody knows the original by Katy Perry. This is probably one of the most hilarious covers on the whole album. The first two verses are electronica with what sounds like a semi computerized voice. There is a little bit of screaming at the chorus, but it gets better. First of all, they do not change the lyrics at all. It's always hilarious hearing male voices sing those sort of lyrics. The best part is the bridge. They do it ALL screamo. It's absolutely hilarious hearing them scream "US GIRLS WE ARE SO MAGICAL." This was the first cover I heard from the album and I still laugh when I hear it. 100% must buy for any screamo fan.

Four Year Strong - Love Song. This is the second cover I've talked about by Four Year Strong. Covers seem to be their forte. The original was by Sara Bareilles last year. Four year strong instantly blasts out a guitar and dramatically increases the speed. They turn this song into a rocking punk song. When they say "I'm going to write you a love song" they screech a bit, but that's something that makes the song theirs. The bridge is definitely recreated to their own style by slowing it down then speeding it up again. One of the top 5 covers on the album.

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