Thursday, June 18, 2009

Morning Cover Songs

One of the things I love to listen to are cover songs. Rock cover songs. Of popular songs. So another segment on this blog I will have are cover songs. I'll try to do two or three every morning.

Also, I'll love to take any suggestions of cover songs. If they're good I'll put them on here AND I'll mention you.

Absolutely (Story of a Girl) by Four Year Strong. Although one of those songs almost everyone knows if they hear it, the artist is still not well known. The original artist is Nine Days. Sound familiar now? Didn't think so. However, the Four Year Strong cover puts a definite punk feel into it. Definitely revives the song for this genre. You can listen to the cover HERE on their myspace.

Baby One More Time by August Burns Red. This song makes me laugh. Every time. Seriously, who wouldn't laugh if someone screams through a Brittney Spears song. However, any hardcore/screamo listener will love it. It was put on the Punk Goes Pop 2 compilation. This was one of the best cover albums I have ever listened to and this segment will soon have most of the album on it. I can not find a link on a myspace for it, so HERE'S the youtube page.

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