Monday, February 7, 2011

Versus Angels

After the breakup of their previous band, Friends for Hire; Tony Morgan, Shaun Freeman and Seth Werts formed Versus Angels. This month, a year after A Friend for Hire broke up; Versus Angels released a teaser made up of 4 song clips. The teaser, which is less than two minutes, leaves listeners wanting more. The clean vocals, that are edgier in some parts, are the first thing that catches your attention. The melodic voice of Tony Morgan offers nothing less than amazing and reminds us of vocals similar to the Spill Canvas. Freeman and Werts back up these vocals with stellar guitar and bass riffs. The lyrics are enough to make any girl swoon, especially when Morgan sings “I promise to fight through, I promise to stay true, to make sure that everyone knows your name” from “Promise”. But don’t mistake them for sappy love songs. These lyrics offer promises that aren’t meant to be broken and a sense of security. As of now, the 4 songs featured in the teaser are just demos and a release date for their EP is still undecided. Check out the band's Facebook for updates and download their song "Wait for You" here

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