Monday, February 21, 2011

Salvatore Bossio's Solo Project

Ryan Hunter wasn't the only ex Envy on the Coast member to release his own music; Salvatore Bossio (ex- guitarist, keyboardist and vocalist) released two solo songs under his own name. Both songs were written towards the end of the EOTC demise. "Fix Us" has smooth R&B vocals backed by a synthesized beat and light drumming. With Justin Timberlake on a music making hiatus, Bossio just may be able to fill the void with this R&B powered hit. But, for those who miss EOTC, Bossio gives you "Black Dog". "Black Dog" is a pop-rock track with vocals we're used to hearing from Bossio's EOTC days. To hear both of these new songs visit Sal's website, here.

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