Thursday, February 10, 2011

Amia Venera Landscape

Amia Venera Landscape are an Italian progressive metalcore band. Many people often cringe when hearing a band described as 'metalcore' -- the genre has been overflowed with scene bands rocking angular haircuts in the past few years, plagiarizing each other's work. However, Amia Venera Landscape are one of the few modern metalcore bands (Dead and Divine, Oh, Sleeper, Counterparts, August Burns Red) playing solid, interesting music. Tracks such as "Empire" lean on the heavier side, reminiscent of a mixture of August Burns Red and The Dillinger Escape Plan. Others such as "Glances (Parts I and II)" lean towards a more Underoath vibe, albeit a slightly more progressive version. While not bursting with creativity by any means, Amia Venera Landscape have perfected their sound and it's one which is actually distinguishable from other bands. Though this might not seem like much of a feat to most, in a scene inundated with copycats, Amia Venera Landscape are a breath of fresh air.

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