Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Deep Elm Review Of 2010: Cari Clara - You Better Run

Cari Clara has already been featured once on this site, and definitely deserves another mention as the first Deep Elm record that will be reviewed here. Not many bands can pull off comparing themselves to Radiohead. With vocals only comparable in style to Thom Yorke or Matt Bellamy (Muse), you can only expect the epic sound that the band creates, which is instantly heard on the title track. The dark sound created by the ambient guitars, background hums, and the aggressive string section starts the record off with a bone chilling blast. "Neither Weapon" returns the guitars to the forefront of the music, as the bridge features a distorted guitar solo backed by the band's signature ambient vocals. "Our Famed Escape" finally lightens up the mood of the EP, with high pitched bells and a mature somewhat dancy feel that could easily be heard in a love scene for a movie. EP closer "The Great Departure" is in fact a great departure from the band's usual sound, with every single vocal section echoed instead of the usual vibrato along with what sounds like a demonic sounding choir and percussion that could be found in someone's garage. However, Cari Clara pulls off all these effects to great success. Radiohead and Muse are two of the biggest bands in the world. Cari Clara has both the creative uniqueness and exceptional talent that both of those bands have. If they are huge, why isn't Cari Clara? Stream and purchase the band's album on their Deep Elm page here.

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