Sunday, February 20, 2011

Deep Elm Review Of 2010: I Am Sonic Rain - Between Whales And Feverish Lights

The entirety of I Am Sonic Rain revolves around water. The band's name could stand for the combination of sound and water. The album cover is underwater. The album title, Between Whales and Feverish Lights, mentions a marine animal. Even the music sounds like it could take place in the ocean or under falling rain. Opener "Jellyfish Are Murders" (yet another marine reference) features electronics that sound like a bloom of jellyfish are swarming the area, before stinging and destroying their unfortunate prey. "Fog Is Drowning Us" begins with a distorted guitar riff that feels exactly as the title dictates. However, it then clears up and becomes an ambient journey through the band's world. Electronics are abound, at times reminiscent of 65daysofstatic. "As Rain We Fall" is a building storm, from the onset of a drizzle to a raging and destructive flood. "Just To Rise The Day After" is a follow up of the previous storm, as the sun finally comes up and begins restore things back to normal. "Between Whales and Feverish Lights" is the sound of playful whales, moving throughout the open sea, with keys and other electronics expressing their every move and emotion. The band's brand of post-rock takes its influence from the simplest of sources. The behaviors of nature and weather fuel this powerful album, and allow a listener to forget all that's around them and bask in the harmony of the music. You can stream and purchase the whole album on the band's Deep Elm page here.

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