Saturday, February 5, 2011


I'd like to welcome Chelsea as a writer for the site. She's a dear friend of mine, and will be helping me with artist spotlights of unsigned bands, as well as posting stuff for some of her favorite music.

Otenki released their first EP in 2005 and followed it up with a supporting tour. The band played alongside some highly respectable bands on Taste of Chaos and Van’s Warped Tour. Otenki seem to pick up where Armor for Sleep left off but at the same time offering something new. German Hernandez’s vocals deliver and make every lyric sound stronger than the last. Each time Hernandez sings the line “Now I’m calling your name in my sleep”, from ‘Ghosts’, it’s different and the level of emotion and energy rises each time, keeping you hooked from the first time. The sextet from Texas is everything we expect from a pop- punk band but with a little more edge. They take what we’re familiar with in the pop-punk genre and make it new. Hopefully, after their release of their new EP on May 3rd, Otenki becomes a common name and get the recognition they deserve. Check the band out on Myspace here.

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  1. love these guys! so pumped for their new songs!