Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Unholy Tongues

Instrumental music has seemed to be quite a common occurrence here lately. From many of the Deep Elm reviews, to posts by several of the new writers, vocals have taken the backseat to beautiful instrumentals. Unholy Tongues is another band that deserves plenty of recognition. Jackal In A World Of Reassurance is a beautiful piece of work, combining ambiance with power. Making the album even more impressive is the fact that the band only has three members, including just one guitarist. That fact makes tracks like "White Widow" and "Trim The Edges" seem almost impossible, until you attribute it to the superb production and layering of instruments. The dark and heavy "Dedication" displays the band at a whole different level, bordering almost on being post-metal. Unholy Tongues release is one that came out of the blue to surprise me, and may end up being one of the stronger instrumental releases put out in 2011. Don't sleep on this album. Go stream and purchase it on the band's Bandcamp page here.

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