Friday, February 18, 2011

North Korea

North Korea is a new band formed in the aftermath of the Envy on the Coast breakup last fall. Made up of vocalist Ryan Hunter and guitarist Brian Byrne (both ex- Envy on the Coast) and bassist Michael Sadis and drummer Billy Rymer (both of The Rivalry, with Rymer also in The Dillinger Escape Plan), North Korea have so far released just one song, "Master Plan B". Based on this track, it seems North Korea play a brand of southern-influenced post-hardcore, at times sounding like a mixture of letlive. and Every Time I Die. The drumming is tight and utilizes the snare plentifully resulting in a punk-type vibe, while Hunter's vocals often resemble Jason Butler's of letlive. Byrne and Sadis complement the sound by playing gritty riffs, reminiscent of some of Byrne's work on Envy on the Coast's last album, Lowcountry. Hopefully, future tracks are just as solid and culminate in a full length or EP in the near future. With such talented members, North Korea has the potential to explode in the scene.

Listen to/download "Master Plan B" here

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