Monday, February 28, 2011

Manchester Orchestra - Free Song and Album Art Reveal

It's that time again for Manchester Orchestra fans as the viral marketing has finally come to a close, and the band has revealed a lyric video and free download of the title track, "Simple Math" which can be found here.

As Mean Everything To Nothing became a dividing line between those who loved the softer side of I'm Like A Virgin Losing a Child and those who enjoyed the alternative rock leanings of the former, fans will be happy to hear that "Simple Math" takes the most beloved aspects of both albums and presents it as a pretty cohesive piece. If you loved the string work within "I Can Feel A Hot One," but wanted to hear a louder sound coupled with Andy Hull's lyrical prowess, "Simple Math" won't disappoint. Simple Math will be released on May 10th through Favorite Gentleman Recordings.