Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Pattern Traced

Upon hearing the lyrics, “Here's how I deal with anxiety/Alcohol, sex and drugs/Just like the wrists and mascara of emo girls, I always cut and run”, you might think this is a new Say Anything song. But there’s something different behind the edgy lyrics. Jon Callender is the voice, the wit and the music behind The Pattern Traced. Callender delivers vocals eerily similar to something you’d find in an indie-acoustic band. Yet, the vocals fall so easily into place on top of the electronic-synth powered background. Some tracks, however, are broken down and Callender sings with nothing except an acoustic guitar. Soon Callender will be “more than just a status update”, like he claims on the track "Do You Want to Know Who I Really am?" The Pattern Traced plan on releasing an album this spring. But until then, you can download his album Lessons in Leaving on his Bandcamp page for free.

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